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Why I Don’t Like the Meme Concept

Massimo Pigliucci puts it very clearly (boldface mine): Wilson’s next move is to invoke Richard Dawkins’s idea of ‘memes’, or units of cultural evolution. If culture is made of discrete units that can replicate in the environment of human society, … Continue reading

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ScienceBlogling David Ng Asks…

…and the Mad Biologist answers.
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“The Vapidity of the Whole Meme Thing”

Chad writes: He [Dawkins] rubs me the wrong way when he talks about science (I wish I could find the old post somebody on ScienceBlogs did about the vapidity of the whole “meme” thing), and really gets up my nose when he talks about religion. I don’t know if he’s referring to my critique of the meme concept, but I figured it gives me an excuse to resurrect this post about memes from the old site.
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