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Wednesday Links

Here are some links for you.
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Revolution Is an Idea Which Has Found Its Tweets?

One can tweet the phrase “I have a dream”, but not the speech–and it’s the whole speech that matters.
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Did MA Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz Really Say That?

If so, my respect for her just went up a notch.
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How Krugman Is Wrong About “Centrist” Democrats

It’s not narcissism, it’s veniality. We’re missing the big picture: it’s the retirement, stupid.
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The Notorious M.I.K.E: Rise of the Cyborg

If I were a cyborg, I would be….
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The U.S. Can Teach Kids Math Provided…

…they live in Massachusetts. Is the real lesson to be learned that the ‘extra-educational’ environment–what students walk into the school with–plays a really big role?
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Schiavo, Healthcare, and the Failure of Our Political System

“This is a political class responding only to itself, speaking its own language, operating by its own rules while real people get ground up in a system that everyone knows is a rigged game.”
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Italy Oursources Science Grant Reviews to…NIH?

What was Italy thinking? And, for that matter, NIH?
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Words As Weapons: The Slacktivist Edition

The legitimization of lying is how any notion of public discourse dies.
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If You Support the Public Option for Healthcare Reform, Write Your Senators and President

If you support a public option for healthcare reform, there’s a campaign going on right now to get senators to commit in writing to whether or not they support a public option.
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