CEOs Threaten to Raise Prices on Crappy Food That Is Bad For You (and Some Thoughts on Impoverishment)

You night have heard by now of the CEOs, most of whom are in the fast food business, who are claiming that Obamacare will force them to raise prices. In other words, people will be less likely to eat food that leads to long-term healthcare problems. Stop me when I reach the bad part. Isn’t this–making people healthier–what a healthcare system (as opposed to a health insurance system) supposed to do?

Kidding aside, what goes unsaid in this is that many of us are complicit in an economic system that pays people an indecent wage. While these workers are often referred to as the ‘working poor’, they should be accurately called impoverished workers. This is something that is actively done to them. But a lot of people just want cheap, crappy pizza, I guess….

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5 Responses to CEOs Threaten to Raise Prices on Crappy Food That Is Bad For You (and Some Thoughts on Impoverishment)

  1. Drugmonkey says:

    My local-er-ish pizza micro-chains make better pizza anyway. Papa Johns is crap.

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    Leo says:

    It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Pay people crap wages, and all they can afford are crap products.

    I highly recommend Ellen Ruppel Shell’s Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

  3. drjohn – Atlanta – I watch football. Lots of football. Sadly, because of NFL rules, it is the Falcons more than anyone should be forced to watch the Falcons.
    JohnV says:

    They’re also cutting hours to further screw the working poor by preventing them from getting health care through work.

  4. starskeptic
    starskeptic says:

    Yes – I prefer ‘impoverished workers’ – is that yours?

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