Links 3/30/17

Links for you. Science:

Killing Science and Culture Doesn’t Make the Nation Stronger
Science march on Washington, billed as historic, plagued by organizational turmoil
How Did Sabercats Use Those Outlandish Fangs?
“Paging Dr. Fraud”: The Fake Publishers That Are Ruining Science
Ornithoscelida Rises: A New Family Tree for Dinosaurs


Donald Trump, GoodFellas Edition (yup)
U.S. Has Worst Wealth Inequality of Any Rich Nation, and It’s Not Even Close
Paul Manafort Is Just the Latest Guy to Fall. There Will Be More.
Federal staffers panicked by conservative media attacks
Rex Tillerson Didn’t Want to Be Secretary of State, But His Wife Talked Him Into It
Donald Trump Is Not Having Fun (hardest he’s had to work in years)
merkin checks in
Rich Maryland New Dem John Delaney Is On The Attack Again– Against Progressives (this is another reason why we can’t have nice things)
80% say women should be able to have sex for pleasure, not pregnancy (what percent say the same thing about men?)
In Praise of Intolerance: Today’s political climate doesn’t require more tolerance. It requires less
Trump’s Supreme Court nominee opens his testimony with a massive falsehood
Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case
Former Colorado GOP chairman Steven Curtis charged with voter fraud
The Con-Artist Wing of the Democratic Party
When a president simply lies too much
We Redacted Everything That’s Not a Verifiably True Statement From Trump’s Time Interview About Truth
What the G.O.P. Doesn’t Get About Who Pays for Health Care

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