Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Go read some science, you goddamn kids:

  1. I ask a question about the coming human microbiome projects. Give me an answer.
  2. Here are two posts about scientists and journalism.
  3. I also have some thoughts about evo devo.
  4. Here’s an interesting take on the ‘minimal microbe.’
  5. Why calculus matters.
  6. Dick Cheney’s war on the environment.
  7. ScienceBlogling Jason Rosenhouse visits the Creationist Museum.
  8. The Bestest Exclusion Cage EVAH!

The other stuff:

    The must read post: tristero frames the abortion debate. More politics of abortion: what Waldman sez. While we’re on the topic, Katha Pollitt has a helpful suggestion.
  1. Why is Giuliani defending a child-molesting priest?
  2. Here’s what actually happens in a women’s health clinic that performs abortions.
  3. Tyler Cowan argues that China’s economy will go in the crapper in five to ten years.
  4. Some debunking of the cultural conservatives’ claims that comprehensive sex ed curricula are ‘error-filled.’
  5. El Jefe Maximo is destroying our national parks.
  6. Rick Perlstein discusses the emerging Democratic majority.
  7. I’ve always thought that a good bureaucrat is worth his or her weight in gold too.
  8. ScienceBlogling Razib takes down the phrase “Judeo-Christian.”
  9. Someone other than the Mad Biologist [link] thinks that Bush’s crocs are a fashion disaster (lighten up, it’s called humor).
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