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Terrorizing Children to Protect Fetuses

Or, anti-abortion assholes gotta asshole (boldface mine): Leaders at a public charter school in Northeast Washington filed a lawsuit Wednesday against antiabortion protesters who they say are harassing students in their efforts to stop construction of a Planned Parenthood facility … Continue reading

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Terrorists and Guns: The Cognitive Dissonance Edition

Often when people say something like “They make no sense to me”, what they really mean is that they disagree vehemently with someone (and often regarding underlying assumptions), rather than they are being inconsistent or nonsensical. But the recent San … Continue reading

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Cutting Off the Source

Charles Pierce gets to the heart of the matter (boldface mine): It is long past time for the oligarchies of the Gulf states to stop paying protection to the men in the suicide belts. Their societies are stunted and parasitic. … Continue reading

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We Kemosabi?

It will be interesting to see how many of those pundits and commentators in the U.S. who will argue that we should ‘do something’–beyond the air and missile strikes we’re already doing–will call for activating the Selective Service. Because that’s … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Everything Change After Oklahoma City?

In a recent article about the racist right and science fiction, this caught my eye (boldface mine): Scalzi said that it’s unwise to dismiss authors because of a single novel or late-career tendency toward the lunatic fringe, but that he’s … Continue reading

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Why Did the FBI Never Follow Up on Attempts to Murder Occupy Protestors?

Well, if you’re a cynic, I suppose the question answers itself–our internal security forces exist to maintain the existing order, not to protect our civil liberties. But this is very disturbing (boldface mine): Interestingly, one document obtained by PCJ from … Continue reading

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Does Electronic Surveillance Stop Terrorism? Not If We’re Stupid About It

One of the most frustrating things about our ‘War on Terror’ is the widespread belief that all of our intrusive surveillance actually does something. In reality, it often misses actual terrorists, in part because it is focused on non-violent left-wing … Continue reading

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