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Federal Judge Rules Against Patenting the Sun

The real problem here is that many hospitals and most doctors are not doing simple molecular biology techniques, commonly done in high school laboratories, as part of standard practice.
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Counsyl, Genetic Screening, and the Very Common Medical Procedure That Must Not Be Named

The other, unnamed use of genetic screening for incurable diseases.
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What Is the Heritability of Being an A–hole?

Granted, being an asshole isn’t a very precise trait, but why is this question never asked? Perhaps, with early intervention, Charles Murray might not have become an asshole.
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Obesity Makes People Stupid…About Heritability

Heritability: I do not think it means what you think it means. Phenotypes can be very environmentally malleable even though they are highly heritable.
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Salmonella, Shigella, and Lactose, Oh My!

It’s never made much sense to me why the pathogenic bacteria Salmonella and Shigella (which is really E. coli) have lost the ability to use lactose (milk sugar). Now it does.
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‘Hopeful Monsters’: Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of E. coli (and Shigella)

Bacterial evolution muddies up the water.
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What Have Biologists Forgotten That We Need to Remember?

What things in biology do you think we’ve forgotten to our loss?
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The Genetics of Financial Risk Taking and Norms of Reaction

Norms of reaction and overinterpretation.
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Picking the Hive Mind’s Brain: Any Good, Fast Genetic Distance Calculators?

Well, it’s better than picking the Hive Mind’s NOSE.
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Barcoding and the Pornographic Species Definition

Erm, maybe you better read the post.
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