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A Legal and Scientific Issue with HIV ‘Fingerprinting’?

The consensus sequence is the real problem.
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On Genetic Denialism

Explaining heritability isn’t easy.
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GWAS FIGHT! (Hiss! Snarl!): Déja Vu All Over Again

We’ll ultimately come to the conclusion that some diseases have a very limited genetic component and some don’t; some can be attributed to common alleles, and some rare alleles; some traits will be determined by variation among many genes, and others among few; some diseases or traits will be driven by large scale deletions, some won’t be.
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DOJ Argues That Patenting the Sun Is a Bad Idea

The Justice Department argues that gene sequences can’t be patented. About time.
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The Unspoken, yet Vital Component of Hertability Estimates: Is This a Problem for GWAS?

Until we characterize the environment more rigorously–and healthy and diseased isn’t going to cut it–we have to treat many of these heritability estimates, and the attempts to explain the underlying contributions of genes, as speculative.
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Early Adopters and What I Think Will Be Hot in Evolutionary Biology in the Next Two to Four Years

And by hot, I mean employable. Well, you probably won’t be surprised that it has something to do with…
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Why Isn’t the Missing Heritability Nearly Neutral and Tightly Networked?

Why should rare disease variants have large effects?
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Based on Opinions About Astronomy, White People Are Stupid…

Maybe whites aren’t stupid, just really unlucky?
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The Arc of Evolution Is Long and Rarely Bends Towards Advantageous Alleles: Why Does Popular Science Ignore Neutral Theory?

But natural selection is supposedly the theologically challenging part?
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Cryptic Escherichia Lurk Among Us!

New lineages of environmental Escherichia. Just don’t call them E. coli.
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