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Anthrax and the Myth of the Mad Scientist

To the extent that the evil scientist myth is actually reinforced by the anthrax incident, it is that we have met the enemy and it is not the other, but us.
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An Open Letter to Chris Mooney

Do you think there’s a single evolutionary biologist who is happy with public opinion regarding evolution and creationism? But you’re not giving us concrete solutions. Perhaps the communication problem has something to do with the communicators too?
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Nesse and Stearns on How Evolution Is Used in Medicine

Evolutionary medicine matters.
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Framing and the Low Information Voter

Even if you can get them, do you really want them?
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‘Framers of Evolution’ or ‘Meta-Trolls’?

Most of the biologists around here do a lot more than just our specific research. We’re overcommitted. So stop ‘meta-trolling’ and step up.
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Another Fight About Framing and Evolution: Can I Play?

What we rarely do is make an affirmative, positive argument for evolution.
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The Other Threat to Evolutionary Biology: Evolutionary Psychology

Is the equating of evolutionary biology with evolutionary psychology something we want?
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Morality, Utility, and Defending Evolution

The utility argument puts creationists on the defensive by forcing them to justify why they want to harm our ability to cure disease.
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Framing Corporate, Not Private, Health Insurance

Why is private healthcare not called what it really is: corporate healthcare?
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Senator Obama, Enough with the Fuzzy Wuzzy Talk

I don’t want “hope”, I want good policies, politics, and results. Obama demonstrates exactly how not to argue against Republican militarism.
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