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Juan Cole to Climatologists: “It is not your fault”

The problem isn’t one of poor framing.
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Note to Senate Dems and Obama: Throw a Yellow Dog a Bone, Will Ya?

Or it’s not the messaging, it’s the actual policy.
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Pseudonymity, Blogging, and Journalism Versus Marketing

Blogging should not be branding.
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Poll: Rank-and-File Republicans Are Insane

Who knew that Obama wants terrorists to win, and hates white people? Oh yeah, don’t forget about the secession either.
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Framing the Not-So-Obvious Answer, Stimulus, Theopolitical Conservatism, and the Power of Empowered Stupidity

The rampant stupidity of an idea is meaningless to the Potomac Mandarins: what matters is the power possessed by the person espousing that idea.
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If You Think Creationism Arises from Poor Framing, Then You Need to Read Neal Gabler

“Rationality won’t work because their arguments are faith-based rather than evidence-based. Better message control won’t work. Improved strategies won’t work. Grass-roots organizing won’t work. Nothing will work because you cannot convince religious fanatics of anything other than what they already believe.”
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Why the Stimulus Should Have Been Called Rebuilding: U.S. Falling Behind in Trains and Internet

Two news items underscore how the Peter Pan way of thinking isn’t sufficient for rebuilding a nation.
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Van Jones Is Right: They Are A–holes

Van Jones is right, isn’t he? This is an excellent framing opportunity to make the argument that certain policies have immoral and unethical outcomes.
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Blue Dog Dem Kent Conrad Isn’t a ‘Moderate’, He’s a Radical Ideologue

Conrad is not a ‘moderate’–he is a radical deficit hawk who is more than willing to harm progress on a core Democratic issue like healthcare.
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Evolution: The Utility Defense

“I use evolution as a carpenter uses a hammer or a hunter uses a gun.”
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