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Halloween Treats Come Early: Dogs on Parade

For the last two years, the Esplanade Association of Boston has hosted “Dogs on Parade“, wherein dogs are subjected to ridiculous Halloween costumery and paraded around Boston’s Esplanade. Since the only redeeming value of the internet is silly animal videos, … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective on the T

Observed on the Green Line, Park Street Station, Boston:

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A Fellow Passenger

I was flying this week, and this fine gentleman was a fellow passenger: Time to board!:

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Dog Days of Summer

It was a hot day on Exeter Street:

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Nosy Passengers on the T

The gall:

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Doggie Bag

A fellow holiday traveler:

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Horse’s Best Friend

I’m a little under the weather, but this cheered me up so I thought I would share (and this being the internets I will probably get eleventy gajillion hits):

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This Is a Non-Political Post About a Very Political Dog

Loukanikos, a stray dog in Athens, Greece, apparently has a history of not liking riot police.
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Misunderstanding Domesticated Animals

The Journal of Animal Ethics language police.
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Missouri GOP Hates Puppies (And Schoolchildren. And the Elderly). No, Really, They Do

Defending the indefensible.
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