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So This Is Something You Don’t See Every Day…Even on the T

Observed at Park Street Station (waiting for the Un-dah!): Yes, that is a bag of full of chihuahuas.

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Outside, Looking In

Observed outside of Joe’s American Bar & Grill, Back Bay, Boston:

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Pup in a MG

I think we all need this. This dog on Newbury Street was hamming it up a bit:

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They’re Not Even Watching

Observed at the Boston Marathon before everything became awful: As is usually the case, Marathon Day had been a lot of fun. Also, Charles Pierce captures the spirit very well.

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Corgis at Kendall

Or is Korgis? Observed at Kendall Station:

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I Don’t Think Cats Would Ever Do This

I leave it up to you to decide whether or not that is a good thing:

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Halloween Treats Come Early: Dogs on Parade

For the last two years, the Esplanade Association of Boston has hosted “Dogs on Parade“, wherein dogs are subjected to ridiculous Halloween costumery and paraded around Boston’s Esplanade. Since the only redeeming value of the internet is silly animal videos, … Continue reading

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