Links 10/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Saltwater in the Mississippi Threatens Water Supply in New Orleans
The Race to Save the World’s DNA
The dinosaurs didn’t rule
A computationally designed antigen eliciting broad humoral responses against SARS-CoV-2 and related sarbecoviruses
Massive lateral gene transfer under strain coexistence in the gut
“Inverse vaccine” shows potential to treat multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases


Know what makes ‘post-covid’ life complicated? Cancer.
Betty Friedan and the Movement That Outgrew Her
Monkey Laundering
Identity Politics: Maybe it’s what it sounds like, and maybe that’s a good thing
Montreal (day one)
Montreal (day 2)
Their podcast is in trouble. A Biden-led crackdown may save them.
Disney quietly removes jizz from Star Wars continuity
Burkey Belser, designer of ubiquitous nutrition facts label, dies at 76
There’s Nobody Coming: The New Right and the Conservative Revolution
Can’t Dislodge The Story In Their Head
Bidenomics on the Line: The autoworkers strike gives the president a chance to atone for 30 years of Democratic sins.
Why America’s Elites Love to Decry “Polarization”: The fact that it obscures the actual political conflict is the feature, not the bug of the “polarization” narrative – A Manifesto, Part II
Judge rules Donald Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire
Rollout of Covid vaccines is bumpy, but not unexpected, experts say
Jewish leaders rip X, accuse Musk of antisemitism
Federal judge declares Texas drag law unconstitutional
Minnesota school board candidate is a staunch Holocaust denier (he seems nice)
Judge rules Trump engaged in repeated fraud, effectively deciding central question in $250M civil trial
There is no laptop: Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani
The Strikes Are Working
Trump Floats the Idea of Executing Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley: The former president is inciting violence against the nation’s top general. America’s response is distracted and numb.
D.C. Democrats’ Legal Challenge to Initiative 83 Exposes Long-Simmering Frustrations with Party Leadership
Florida school district orders librarians to purge all books with LGBTQ characters
Metro seeks more money while weighing three options to close budget gap
QAnon Believer Who Threatened Congresswoman Thought He Was Saving the World

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