‘My Rich Friends Will Pay Ridiculous Amounts for My Property’ Isn’t a Valid Defense Against Fraud

At least for now. Marcy Wheeler gives a very good summary of the recent New York state court ruling against Trump, finding $850 million to $3.2 billion of fraudulent estimates by Trump. Wheeler notes (boldface mine):

Which brings us to one of the most telling passages in Engoron’s ruling. He quotes Trump as saying that market value of all this doesn’t matter because the Saudis will happily pay whatever he demands.

The defenses Donald Trump attempts to articulate in his sworn deposition are wholly without basis in law or fact. He claims that if the values of the property have gone up in the years since the SFCs were submitted, then the numbers were not inflated at that time (i.e.; “but you take the 2014 statement, if something is much more valuable now — or, I guess, we’ll have to pick a date which was a little short of now. But if something is much more valuable now, then the number that I have down here is a. low number”) [citation omitted] He also seems to imply that the numbers cannot be inflated because he could find a “buyer from Saudi Arabia” to pay any price he suggests.10 [citation omitted]

10 This statement may suggest influence buying more than savvy investing.

This is their out. This is the out that Jared Kushner already pursued. This may be the underlying basis for Trump’s LIV golf tournament deal.

Trump confessed, in a sworn deposition, that if he can’t make objective reality match his own delusions, he’s sure the Saudis will bail him out.

An interesting service the Saudis are offering.

The biggest mistake professional Democrats made was not going after Trump for violating the emoluments clause, both in terms of politics and because he violated Article 2 of the Constitution every fucking day while he was president.

At least, the State of New York is getting at some of the corruption. And if professional Democrats didn’t suck at their jobs, they would be bashing him with his admission.

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