Links 9/28/23

Links for you. Science:

Worm that jumps from rats to slugs to human brains has invaded Southeast US (paper here)
Intranasal mRNA-LNP vaccination protects hamsters from SARS-CoV-2 infection (promising, now the Biden administration needs to fast track it)
Seventy-plus nations sign historic high seas treaty, paving way for ratification
An ancient arrow in near-intact condition is a fascinating find in Norway’s melting ice
CDC recommends RSV vaccine for pregnant women ahead of virus season
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Infection and Postacute Risk of Non–Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infectious Disease Hospitalizations: A Nationwide Cohort Study of Danish Adults Aged ≥50 Years


In Hospitals, Viruses Are Everywhere. Masks Are Not. (gift link)
The Strong Towns Movement is Simply Right-Libertarianism Dressed in Progressive Garb: Strong Towns’ critique of America’s car-centric sprawl sounds appealing. But its proposed solutions rely on a conservative politics that prioritizes ‘wealth creation’ over just and equitable urban planning.
Family Punditry: Catching up with the nepo babies of the right
At the Vote Pray Stand Summit, Christian Parents and Their “Rights” Take Center Stage
Federal regulators rip MBTA after finding agency violated safety order
Robert Menendez’s Family Business: The New Jersey senator was indicted by the Justice Department for a series of charges straight out of The Sopranos.
Exposing the Dark Side of the Fashion Industry
Democrats Are on a Winning Streak That Could Transform Our Politics: Recent victories in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire special elections suggest Democrats can score huge wins in the fight to control state legislatures. That changes everything.
Is Thomas Sowell a Legendary “Maverick” Intellectual or a Pseudo-Scholarly Propagandist?
Rupert Murdoch Leaves News Corp on His Own Terms
Official Disapproval
Democrats Can Stand Up for Trans Kids—and Win
Murdoch’s Audience of Two: Was Rupert’s ‘retirement’ notice intended to signify his ride off into the sunset or denote his full-blown support of Lachlan—or, more likely, was it meant for an audience of his daughters, Liz and Prue, whose votes may control the family trust?
Fed Up With the Homelessness Crisis, the Sacramento County DA Sues the City
The Unlikely World Leader Who Just Dispelled Musk’s Utopian AI Dreams: Benjamin Netanyahu is not buying what the billionaire is selling. He may have a point.
Mitch McConnell Will Not Go Gently Into the Senate Goodnight: Even if the senator wanted to retire, there’s no way he’ll let Kentucky’s Democratic governor choose his replacement, even temporarily.
As judges, we’ve made thousands of bail decisions. Here’s the truth about detention and public safety (again, the mainland colony of the District of Columbia has had no bail for decades)
Florida’s “War on Woke” Is Spurring a Brain Drain: Thanks to Ron DeSantis’s education policies, the state is seeing an unprecedented exodus of teachers, professors, and college students.
Money Is Pouring Into AI. Skeptics Say It’s a ‘Grift Shift.’
Trump says he always had autoworkers’ backs. Union leaders say his first-term record shows otherwise
China Keeps Trying to Crush Them. Their Movement Keeps Growing.
Who’s Bankrolling the Shutdown Showdown?
These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI
Think this summer was bad? It might be the best one you and I will ever see
Here’s what happens when the government shuts down
North Carolina Republicans Just Passed a Massive Power Grab to Seize Control of Elections

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