Links 9/27/23

Links for you. Science:

Vaccine specialist Peter Hotez: scientists are ‘under attack for someone else’s political gain’
What next for COVID evolution? Untangling the mysteries of antigenic turnover
A Medieval French Skeleton Is Rewriting the History of Syphilis. Christopher Columbus was blamed for bringing syphilis to Europe. New DNA evidence suggests it was already there. Maybe both stories are true.
The Ongoing Risk Of Long COVID: What are the rates of ongoing COVID-19 symptoms in 2023 and beyond? (might have to write about this; my estimate throughout the pandemic, among the vaccinated, has been 1-2% too, and my take on the Australian study is that three percent is a reasonable number for that study, not the higher values, given the effects on working. I do worry that he’s downplaying what one percent means–it’s not good at all)
Why We’ll Never Live in Space
Under a Hellish Ocean Habitat, Bizarre Animals Are Lurking: For the first time, scientists observed tubeworms and other complex ocean creatures dwelling beneath hydrothermal vents.


Trump Is the Reason Women Can’t Get Abortions: The former president wants you to believe he is a moderate on abortion. He isn’t.
DeSantis vows to end federal funding of COVID-19 vaccines (as bad as Biden has been on COVID policy, Republicans would be even worse)
The GOP’s Plan to Ban Birth Control (Part I): Redefining Contraception as ‘Abortion’
High earners who left DC during pandemic cost city $3 billion in tax revenue, data reveals (they moved to Prince George’s County mostly, so this might be a largely mini-Black high-earner exodus?)
Americans trying to get new covid vaccine hit insurance snags, face bills: Now that the government is no longer buying and distributing all the shots, Americans must endure the usual insurance company headaches (the Biden administration shouldn’t want to piss off early adopters, as they will disproportionately be Democrats as well as people who really want the vaccine)
GOP Prez Wannabes’ Plans for Government: Dangerous—and Really Dumb
The Return of the Marriage Plot: Why everyone is suddenly so eager for men and women to get hitched.
Americans’ COVID-19 Concerns Rise, but Still Restrained
Wow, You Can’t Even Pound A Quart Of Whiskey At The Airport For Less Than $60 Anymore
Federal prosecutors indict Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez: The fact that the Biden-era Justice Department is prosecuting a Democratic senator ahead of his re-election race doesn’t help GOP conspiracy theorists. (and the entire New Jersey Democratic state establishment called for him to resign only after nine hours; contrast with, let’s say, Texas Republicans)
Elon May Have Accidentally Revealed How ExTwitter Usage Has Dropped Massively Since His Takeover
Allegations against Rudy Giuliani and Russell Brand show sexual abuse is a selling point for MAGA: The quickest way to be a hero to Donald Trump fanboys? Face multiple, credible sexual assault allegations
What men are thinking about when they think about the Roman Empire. Is the measure of a man really based on ancient Rome?
Milk antibody response after 3rd COVID-19 vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 infection and implications for infant protection
7 ways the pandemic changed the Washington commute
Bloody Murdoch: As much as anyone, the Fox News mogul is responsible for America’s conservative crackup. What did it get him? (very good)
New habits are making more commutes miserable: Data shows the disproportionate return of cars at the expense of transit has shaken a balance between road and rail networks in the D.C. region
Of Course Clarence Thomas Was Getting Cozy With Koch Donors
This is the grave of John Lomax.
“A stunning betrayal” Gavin Newsom vetoes bill protecting trans kids in California (he’s running–in 2028)
Texas Revamps Houston Schools, Closing Libraries and Angering Parents: As part of a state takeover plan, libraries in underperforming schools are becoming spaces for disruptive students to watch lessons on computers.
The Off-Kilter Beauty of the City’s Shabby, Singular Storefronts: And the photographers who made it their life’s work to document them.
AIPAC Targets Black Democrats — While the Congressional Black Caucus Stays Silent
The Coming Collapse of the U.S. Health Care System
Why Detroit, America’s poorest city, doesn’t have an L.A.-sized homeless problem
What James Baldwin Got Wrong About Black Antisemitism

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