Links 9/25/23

Links for you. Science:

‘True rarity’: Gigantic alligator gar caught and released in Texas reservoir could break 2 world records
‘I couldn’t believe the data’: how thinking in a foreign language improves decision-making
Will sweat help us survive climate change?
Justice for Neanderthals! What the debate about our long-dead cousins reveals about us
Does the risk of getting long Covid increase each time you get reinfected?
Cycle Threshold Values as Indication of Increasing SARS-CoV-2 New Variants, England, 2020–2022


Trump is lying about his “moderate” abortion stance — he will ban it nationwide (if nothing else, he lies about everything, so why take anything he says seriously?)
John Fetterman would be particularly hard to body-double
Jann Wenner’s bias against women and Black musicians is shocking – but not surprising
Both politically and legally, Trump’s classified docs defense weakens
D.C. Councilmember Focuses On Increased Penalties And Policing In Slate Of Public Safety Bills (Pinto is bad, and we need to vote her out–I speak as a constituent of hers)
Auto Giants Refusing Union Demands Paid Just 1% in Federal Taxes on $42 Billion in Profits
WMATA Plans To Rename Metrobus Routes. It Wants Your Ideas
How to Cool Down a City
‘Trump scooped us’: Dems sound alarm on Biden’s handling of the auto worker strike (just fly out there and shake hands at the picket line, FFS)
Stop yesterday from stealing tomorrow’s housing on Connecticut Avenue
The MBTA’s latest closures have left commuters in the lurch once again
Homes in parts of the U.S. are “essentially uninsurable” due to rising climate change risks
2 Gay Dads Helped Uncover $767,000 Embezzlement Scheme in Texas Town Where ‘Officials Called Them Homophobic Slurs’
Doing the Marriage Thing Again
How Biden can stop Trump’s union stunt in its tracks
Showing “Respect” For the Legal System Means Being Honest About Its Failures
Charlottesville rezoning critics accused of employing ‘dog whistles’
She Invented Being an Influencer — And Was Vilified for It
The mistake hospitals made on Covid-19
Following layoffs, Boston University announces ‘inquiry’ into Ibram Kendi’s Antiracist Center
A Bill Extending D.C.’s Lease On RFK Site Advanced In The House. Is The Drive For A New Stadium Nearing The End Zone?
Republican congresswoman comes up with most bizarre defense yet for Jan. 6
Republican Support for the U.A.W. Is a Big LOL: When the G.O.P. was in power, it consistently sided with employers and blocked legislation supported by labor unions. (more simply, they control the non-union workshop states, and could change them to be pro-union, but choose not to do so)
Meet Molly Michael, the ‘witness from hell’ for Donald Trump’s defense
Bears raid a Krispy Kreme doughnut van making deliveries on an Alaska military base

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