Links 9/24/23

Links for you. Science:

Association of COVID-19 with New-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (COVID is bad for you brain)
Former Florida surgeon general rebukes DeSantis administration’s claims on COVID vaccines
The Male Y Chromosome Has Finally Been Completely Sequenced
Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic: Updating Our Approach to Masking in Health Care Facilities
As Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore, Ukraine Builds a Case of Ecocide Against Russia. The animals are dying in droves in the Black Sea, and Ukrainian officials are documenting the deaths, hoping to prosecute Russia for the war’s ecological toll.
Co-evolution of immunity and seasonal influenza viruses


The California conundrum: Fewer people, more homes, but an acute housing shortage
Meet the Pizza Chef Whose Dave Portnoy Fight Landed on ‘Tucker Carlson’
Public defenders work 3 times too many cases, milestone study and new data show
Critically Cringe: On Susan Neiman’s “Left Is Not Woke”
Vivek Ramaswamy regrets taking the Covid vaccine. His wife, a surgeon, does not. (lol, I’m sure he still takes it)
Enough with the Mitt Romney adulation! The GOP hasn’t been a serious “policy” party in decades: “Traditional” Republican views on everything from taxes to abortion failed, clearing a path for a Trumpist takeover
As Abortion Laws Drive Obstetricians From Red States, Maternity Care Suffers
Busted: Tommy Tuberville invested in defense contractor while blocking military nominations
How they do it
College Football Belongs To Deion Sanders For Now
S.F. had one of its deadliest months for drug overdoses. Charts show staggering numbers
Starter Homes/Downsizing Homes
Why Houses Don’t Look Like Houses Anymore
If You’re A Star They Let You Do It
Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Trial Wrapped Up and, Well, Texas Gonna Texas
FTX sues Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents, aims to claw back some of the $26 million in gifts and property
Dark money: The backstory of Alabama’s redistricting defiance
Conservatives unleash conspiracy theories about Lauren Boebert’s lewd date
The anti-vaccine movement is on the rise. The White House is at a loss over what to do about it. (Becerra is incorrect–while you’re far more likely to die from COVID if you’re unvaccinated, quite a few, at-risk people die from COVID even though they’re vaccinated; also, you could normalize mask wearing)
Kamala Swap Fan Fiction: Calls to drop Harris from the 2024 ticket are without modern precedent, fraught with risk, and run counter to every impulse that Biden holds dear. It’s fanfic for political hobbyists and it’s as predictable as it is pointless.
Also, Give Us Billions So We Can Invent The Torment Nexus
I rented a Tesla for a month. It was a steep learning curve
Illinois Is First State To Fully Abolish Cash Bail In Move To Stop Caging Poor People: A 2021 bail reform law went into effect Monday after the state Supreme Court shut down a legal challenge in July. (ACTUALLY, THE MAINLAND COLONY OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DID THIS YEARS AGO, BUT WE CAN’T GOVERN OURSELVES SOMETHING SOMETHING)
Inside Voices: Poor Jail Food Fuels Conflict. Will New Legislation Help?
The Big Three’s Labor Shortages: The only way the UAW’s strategy of rejecting voluntary overtime can work is if Ford, GM, and Stellantis lack enough workers to make cars.
Katie Porter and the politics of real life: The California Democrat, famous for her viral confrontations, is admired by fans and resented by some ex-employees. Now she’s running for Senate.

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