Links 9/21/23

Links for you. Science:

What turns an ant into a soldier or a forager? It may be all in their heads
Abandoned Apollo 17 lunar lander module is causing tremors on the moon
Supporting nonlinear careers to diversify science
This Gecko’s Camouflage Is So Good, It Masqueraded as Another Species
Reversions mask the contribution of adaptive evolution in microbiomes
Eating an elephant, one bite at a time: Predator interactions at carrion bonanzas (note the part about the hippo…)


Catch Us if You Can: The mysterious firing of Amazon’s most ruthless union-buster from his new job underscores the monopoly’s insidious stranglehold over shopping.
Under Musk, Twitter is handing over more data to investigators
Half a Million California Workers Get a Raise—and a Seat at the Table
Businesses keep complaining about shoplifting, but wage theft is a bigger crime
Full Employment For Friends And Family
How I stay reasonably anonymous online
Elon Musk Stormed Into the Tesla Office Furious That Autopilot Tried to Kill Him
On one of Vermont’s most idyllic roads, fed-up locals say no more to the leaf peepers. Residents convinced their town to close the road for three weeks at the height of foliage season to prevent social media-inspired tourists from clogging it.
Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley hospitalized for pneumonia as wife mentions risk of heart failure
On tony Martha’s Vineyard, a center of Black political power grows
Adele Makes Huge Changes to Las Vegas Residency Shows Due to COVID-19 After Her Friends and Crew Started ‘Dropping Like Flies’
Dana-Farber blindsided Brigham and Women’s. The blowback will be strong.
Strikes and Bidenomics: The White House is trying to sell ‘Bidenomics,’ but poll after poll shows that the public is extremely unhappy with the economy. What does the public see that the bureaucrats don’t?
The Court’s Conservative Constitutional Revolution
The Moderately Skilled Person’s Guide to Making a Bluesky Feed
The Foo Fighters’ AIDS denialism should be on the record
The Treacherous Allure of the “Polarization” Dogma
My Mom Gets Her News From Someplace Even Worse Than Fox. I know everyone’s tired of worrying about people like her. I am, too.
A Trad Deal: Tradwife life encourages women to leave the public sphere for domestic fantasies. It is also, a series of recent articles suggests, a total financial scam.
President of Powerful Realtors Group Is Accused of Sexual Harassment (everybody back to the office!)
Study shows ‘long COVID’ likely to cause mass misery if treatments can’t be developed
Texas Republicans put Ken Paxton above the law: Paxton’s acquittal confirms that Republicans believe a man with the right politics cannot break the law.
Preaching To The Choir: On echo chambers, persuasion, Mitt Romney, “wise Republicans,” salad bars, and the chronically shirked responsibility for changing our own minds.
They Are Still With Him: Conservative elites lack the courage and will to use their influence to oppose Trump, and that is why he remains a force in American politics.
Why Does Thom Tillis Love Junk Fees?

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