Links 9/19/23

Links for you. Science:

COVID-19: A New Disease Paradigm. What if SARS-CoV-2 continues to infect us even after the initial symptoms fade? (this should be viewed as a hypothesis to be tested, not as a well-substantiated explanation; there are a lot of implicit ‘if’ statements, but still worth considering)
Multiple evolutionary pathways lead to vancomycin resistance in Clostridioides difficile
A spike in N.B. heart and stroke deaths in 2021 cited as COVID’s handiwork
The role of gender and coauthors in academic publication behavior (in economics)
South America’s 2023 Flu Vaccines Cut Risk of Flu Hospitalizations by About Half
Long COVID remains common even as pandemic eases, data show (you’ll notice I fixed an awful headline)


Why an auto workers strike should have your support
Does Ron DeSantis even believe his dangerous B.S. about COVID vaccines? (as bad as Biden and Zients have been on COVID, Republicans will be worse)
The Young Conservatives Trying to Make Eugenics Respectable Again: The pseudoscience of race provides both a justification of hierarchies and an enemy to rail against.
Librarians Didn’t Sign Up to Be Queer Activists—but This Year, They Are
Lies, Damned Lies, and Social-Media Metrics: Those view counts on Twitter, TikTok, and Netflix? Be skeptical.
Land Ho: The tradwife is pioneer burlesque
With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways
Perhaps Wisconsin Republicans Could Use a Fresh Copy of the Constitution
A member of the secret panel studying Wisconsin Supreme Court justice’s impeachment backed her rival
Ron DeSantis Is Making a Magnificent Effort to Protect Voters from Health
There’s a Word for Blaming Jews for Anti-Semitism. Elon Musk’s conceit that Jews cause themselves to be persecuted is as old as anti-Jewish bigotry itself.
The Biden Administration Is Making It Easier To Get Government Benefits: The effort to reduce the “time tax” spent on accessing government benefits aims to make them more accessible and reduce inequality.
A Politician, a Lawyer, and a Management Consultant Walk Into a University….
How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook (paper here)
Trump-aligned group publishes plan for ‘biblically based’ government
Rep. Lauren Boebert’s ‘mystery man’ is a Democrat who owns a Colorado bar
Eric Adams Is Handing Republicans a Flamethrower for 2024. Again.
How Do You Spell Relief? After an FDA finding that a popular decongestant is worthless, Biden could direct that agency to fast-track approval of a miracle drug for colds used all over the world.
Facebook’s policy on anti-COVID vaccine content didn’t stop users from finding it
Bruce Lee’s “Warrior,” and the Politics of Kung Fu
The true story of the fake unboxed aliens is wilder than actual aliens
The case against Hunter Biden: Republicans dissatisfied because it isn’t political — it’s personal
Term limits would upend Congress as we know it
Cop City and the Silencing of Dissent
A Pride flag ban sparks accusations of betrayal in tiny Michigan city
Democrats Need to Grow a Spine and Actually Fight for the Courts

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