Links 9/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientific sleuths spot dishonest ChatGPT use in papers
The Origin And Speciation Of Orchids
Comparative study showed that children faced a 78% higher risk of new-onset conditions after they had COVID-19 (paging Emily Oster)
E. coli outbreak fells 264, including children, at Canadian daycare centers
How Covid Affects the Heart: Three years into the pandemic, the short- and long-term risks are becoming more clear.
Developing a Blood Cell-Based Diagnostic Test for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Using Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
First COVID-19 nasal spray vaccine being developed by Dartmouth Health, the NIH and Exothera


At-home Covid testing: When to test and what your results mean (I would be a bit stricter than Mina–if you’re testing positive on an antigen test, assume you’re infectious)
Everybody Hates Marty (ouch, but well-deserved)
We let child poverty soar last year. We could choose differently.
Car Hackers Are Out for Blood: The rise of “smartphones on wheels” is ushering in cybersecurity risks that have never before existed on America’s roads.
COVID booster warning from Florida surgeon general, who advises people not to get new vaccine (this is the future Republicans want)
More Than One-Third Of D.C. Residents Face Food Insecurity, Report Shows
How Donald Trump’s DOJ gave Biden a major assist in the coming impeachment probe: The department’s 2020 opinion around Trump’s impeachment trial could place some serious constraints on House Republicans now.
Metro Announces New Station Signage And Red Line Track Work
Linda Yaccarino Is The Last Funny Twitter Bit Left
Does anyone think Twitter gets *better* from here?
Elon Musk Has Crossed a Line
The key to understanding Donald Trump’s enduring appeal is Vince McMahon (Oliver Willis has been writing about this for years…)
The Impeachment Drive Is Already In Trouble
Totally cool CEO says governments need to punish workers with unemployment to make them less arrogant
How Elon Musk Went from Superhero to Supervillain (he was always a villain, it just more people now realize this)
Absence rates due to illness double in first week and a half at Calgary public schools: ‘We are only two weeks into school, and we are already seeing high absence rates, and this was entirely predictable’ (Canada)
“There’s a big chunk of House Republicans who just want to break something. That’s just how some of these folks define governing. It’s how their constituents define success.”
The A.V. Club’s AI-Generated Articles Are Copying Directly From IMDb
Washington is full of rats. These dogs are happy to help with that.
It’s Now Clearer Than Ever: The US Is Choosing to Impoverish Children
Elder Care
There’s a Way to Make Poor Kids Less Poor and Sick People Less Sick
If Alabama
Wisconsin Republicans Have Reached New Heights of Performative Reasonability
CEO Honesty About Wanting High Unemployment

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