Links 8/23/23

Links for you. Science:

Complexity Theory’s 50-Year Journey to the Limits of Knowledge
Many long-covid symptoms linger even after two years, new study shows
How 10,000 years of plagues left their mark on our DNA
Half-eaten fish reeled in by Connecticut anglers shows ‘real problem’ fishermen face nationwide
An illusion of predictability in scientific results: Even experts confuse inferential uncertainty and outcome variability
We Know Where New Weight Loss Drugs Came From, but Not Why They Work


CDC Poised To Weaken Masking, Infection Control (must-read; I assure you this is backed by the White House, and if we have a bad COVID surge, leading to lots of long COVID, this could blow up politically)
How Rupert Murdoch Destroyed the News (excellent)
Dirt on Marion police chief, video of raid published by Kansas newspaper: The Marion County Record isn’t pulling any punches.
Judge halts “religious-liberty training” order as Southwest argues it’s unconstitutional. Airline also argues sanctions go beyond the civil-contempt power. U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr has put the sanctions on hold for 30 days.
City of Philadelphia employees are the latest to join free SEPTA Key program
The Continuing Electoral History of Transphobia. The latest failures by transphobes at the ballot box and what they mean.
Lionsgate Brings Back Mask Mandates in Office: As new variant EG.5 becomes dominant, the studio is asking some of its employees to mask up and self-test.
Urban Highways Cost Billions in Lost Home Value, Property Taxes
Biden and America’s Big Green Push
Everyone Has The Right to Mask
Store Owner Is Fatally Shot by Man Who Confronted Her About Pride Flag: Laura Ann Carleton was described as “fearless” by her daughter, who said her mother died “defending something that was so important to her.”
New Trump poll proves Obama and Clinton were right: The GOP base are deplorable, bitter clingers
hahaha we live in hell
New York Is Overrun by Rats and Feral Cats
One Thing (Almost) Every Aspiring Writer Needs
127,000 New York Workers Have Been Victims of Wage Theft
I left the church — and now long for a ‘church for the nones’
Tech’s broken promises: Streaming is now just as expensive and confusing as cable. Ubers cost as much as taxis. And the cloud is no longer cheap.
Fairfax County Moves Forward On Creating A COVID-19 Memorial
‘The Writing’s On the Wall’: Ward 7 Politicos Consider What Happens if Vince Gray Doesn’t Run for Reelection
Declining Population Thru Lower Birth Rates Is GOOD, Mmmmkay?
Feudal Lords
US businessman is wannabe ‘warlord’ of secretive far-right men’s network
There’s an Easy Solution to The Justice System’s Donald Trump Problem
Protecting the Constitution from Trump
Trump Discovers That Some Things Are Actually Illegal

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