Professional Democrats Suck at Their Jobs: The Brooklyn Democratic Party Edition

Fortunately, it’s not like rank-and-file Democrats care about abortion (boldface mine):

Brooklyn’s Democratic Party tapped a candidate for a New York judgeship who previously wrote about her opposition to Roe. v. Wade. Now, she could be asked to rule on cases involving abortion rights and access for the borough’s 2.5 million residents.

Rachel Freier is an acting justice on the state Supreme Court — which is New York’s top trial division; the Court of Appeals is what other states call supreme court — described her “disagreement with the Supreme Court’s reasoning” on Roe v. Wade in a 2013 op-ed in the Forward entitled “A Mother Is Who I Am.” She wrote it in response to another woman’s piece about the pain she felt in being understood as a “holy, pure vessel” for babies as a member of the Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, Jewish community.

An Orthodox mother of six who founded a women-led emergency services provider in Borough Park, Freier wrote that “women universally share an innate maternal instinct,” though she didn’t delve into her legal rationale for disagreeing with the Roe decision.

While at least some Democratic Party leaders became aware of Freier’s op-ed as it circulated in the hours ahead of the official judicial convention and vote of delegates at the Marine Park Golf Course on Aug. 10, her nomination proceeded as planned in the public vote there. It came three days after a private-room meeting among the Democrats at Nick’s Lobster House in the same neighborhood.

Freier is all but assured a 14-year term, since there are six open Supreme Court seats on the ballot in November with the party’s six picks among the seven names on the ballot.

The party accidentally put a possibly anti-Roe judge on the Supreme Court,” an unhappy party insider told THE CITY. “There were district leaders who knew at the convention and all anyone could do was shrug,” the person added, noting that some of those leaders had only learned about the op-ed after the closed-door meeting at the restaurant.

Despite some leftists’ pipe dream of a socially conservative-economically liberal constituency, the reality is that, when someone is conservative on social issues, they are almost never good on economic issues either. While there are worse Democratic state parties (Mississippi and Florida come to mind), New York is actually a place where Democrats could get things done, but the ineptitude, disdain for openness, and corruption screw over the wishes of the Democratic rank-and-file.

Even with Cuomo gone, the NY Democratic Party still sucks ass.

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3 Responses to Professional Democrats Suck at Their Jobs: The Brooklyn Democratic Party Edition

  1. Mike says:

    According to Wisconsin Republicans, she has prejudged the case and must recuse herself from judging it.

  2. Joe Shelby says:

    “when someone is conservative on social issues, they are almost never good on economic issues either.”

    I’ve become quite convinced that the Republican attack on unions (contrary to their position in the infamous 1956 platform posters we’ve seen) was not their pro-corporation bent. The Democrats are hardly anti-corporation as we’ve seen over and over. The change was driven by the consolidation of racism into their membership and their platform.

    Unions were fine. Unions were great. Unions were the backbone of American industry. Unions were the strength of the middle class.

    Until blacks could not be denied union membership nor union-negotiated working conditions (including pay), thanks to the civil rights acts.

    At that point, unions had to go.

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