Links 6/9/23

Links for you. Science:

Splenda (Sucralose) Isn’t Giving You Cancer. Why recent headlines about sweeteners are extremely misleading
Birds With a Taste for Flesh Threaten Whale Calves. In Argentina, kelp gulls are attacking the backs of southern right whales, imperiling the recovery of an endangered species.
What the heck is the “speed of light?” Part 1
SARS-CoV-2 infection and viral fusogens cause neuronal and glial fusion that compromises neuronal activity
Why Epidemiology Is Incomplete Without Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Is the UK losing its world leading covid surveillance network just when it needs it most?


Fox News host Jeanine Pirro calls it “insanity” to wear a mask to protect yourself from wildfire smoke. Pirro: “Democrats are pumping up climate hysteria and bringing back, you guessed it, mask insanity” (giving yourself respiratory distress to own the libs!)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito on Life and Death
AI Doesn’t Pose an Existential Risk—but Silicon Valley Does: The warning cries about the alleged dangers of AI is drowning out stories about the harms already occurring.
The Right’s Anti-Trans Playbook Was Used Against Blacks And Others Before: They’re Always Wrong And We Have To Fight Them Until We Win
Fox News’ favorite Democratic presidential candidate
“Protect the kids” exposed as a lie after Tennessee’s drag ban gets knocked down by a Trump judge: The Tennessee drag decision shows even a Trump judge can see through the “protect the kids” lie
A Big Problem With College Admissions Could Be About to Get Worse
Revealed: Mar-a-Lago wasn’t the first time Trump ‘evidence’ was flooded
The Eyes of the World Are Upon Ukraine
This Is What the Government Strangling Crypto Looks Like: The feds sued two major companies. It could tame the entire industry. (‘industry’)
CDC comes under fire for inadequate information about its Covid response
Ex–Intelligence Official Says Government Is Hiding Alien Technology From Congress (uhhh)
The Football Game Theory of Inflation
Donald Trump is right: The ‘war on woke’ is ridiculous
Pandemic changed attitudes toward mandating childhood vaccinations
NC Democrats have a plan to prevent the next Tricia Cotham
DHS Intel Report on Cop City Protesters Cribbed Far-Right Activist Andy Ngo
These academics studied falsehoods spread by Trump. Now the GOP wants answers. Rep. Jim Jordan is demanding emails and meetings with leading disinformation researchers, part of a flurry of records requests, subpoenas and lawsuits that academics say have become a means of harassment
Texas Republicans Refuse to Condemn Allen Shooter’s Extremist Beliefs
The Real Reasons Why Workers Are Producing Less
Elon Musk allows domestic extremists back on Twitter, fueling national security concerns. This week alone, Musk has reinstated the accounts of an anti-semitic accelerationist extremist and a ‘Unite the Right’ Nazi.
What Does the Debt-Ceiling Agreement Say About the U.S. Political System?
How a Fringe Legal Theory Became a Threat to Democracy. Lawyers tried to use the independent-state-legislature theory to sway the outcomes of the 2000 and 2020 elections. What if it were to become the law of the land?
DeSantis attack ad uses fake AI images of Trump embracing Fauci: The fake images depict Trump kissing Fauci on the cheek, allowing the DeSantis campaign to frame Trump as a close supporter of Fauci’s policies combatting COVID-19.
EPA’s Air Quality App Is More Popular Than Facebook Right Now

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