(Some) People Have to Like This Crap

Or at least not hate it. For newcomers to this shitty blog, “People have to like this crap” is The Mad Biologist’s Ultimate Political Theorem™. I bring this up because of a tweet about Cop City, a massive police training in Atlanta that would destroy a large forest and which has resulted in police killing one protestor:

The poster argues later in the thread:

I have no idea if that’s correct, as I don’t live in Georgia and don’t know the ground. But professional Democrats need to stop crapping on the people who will do the heavy lifting. And those people do matter (boldface mine):

The other point that I really want to hit hard is, it’s really challenging to break a signal through the noise. Getting a message out into the world, let alone getting it repeated so it can actually be heard, is one of the toughest things that we have. Even if we land on some kind of perfect message that we have focus-grouped, and RCT’d, and surveyed, and we are absolutely certain that this 100-word paragraph is the greatest 100 words that have ever been compiled together. If the base won’t repeat that, if they won’t wear the equivalent of the red MAGA hat, that means that the middle isn’t going to hear it.

Because, even if they see your one ad that is perfectly crafted that one time, they are also seeing eight billion other ads, and seeing flyers, and hearing other things. And so, if you don’t attend to what your base actually believes and is willing to repeat, you can’t persuade the middle. If your words don’t spread, they don’t work. That’s the underappreciated piece of this.

I leave the question of whether this applies to other issues besides Atlanta’s Cop City as an exercise for the reader.

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4 Responses to (Some) People Have to Like This Crap

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    In other words, your blabbermouth is not talking about Democrats so much as Progs.

    And he is threatening that a significant chunk of the Progs will cheerfully move to sabotage the 2024 Elections, as indeed they have tried in every election since our modern political era began in 2000, if they are not handed their little toy and a sufficiently enthusiastic pat on the head.

    Will they succeed? Perhaps, depends on your definition of succeed. This kind of extortion is all that they are good at, which is why they keep shooting hostages and your buddies in the GOP keep eking out undeserved victories in the elections.

  2. Physicalist
    Peter says:

    This seems like a good oportunity to ask, since I’ve been a bit puzzled about the meaning of “people have to like this crap” for many years now.

    The idea is that if people don’t like it, then it’s not going to work, because people won’t accept it? (I’ve had several competing meanings kicking around, but it’s probably not worth mentioning them.)

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