Links 6/7/23

Links for you. Science:

NASA’s Mars helicopter is somehow still flying — and playing hide-and-seek
This is not your Apollo moon buggy. NASA wants a new moon rover.
Dutch Survey Data Shows Significant Increase In Memory And Concentration Problems Among Adults Since Start Of Covid-19 Pandemic
For These Bird Flu Researchers, Work Is a Day at the Very ‘Icky’ Beach
Ancient Human Relative Buried Its Dead and Used Symbols Long Before Us
Discontinuation of Universal Admission Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and Hospital-Onset COVID-19 Infections in England and Scotland


Extremists Are Running America Because No One Runs Against Them. The author of Texas’s abortion ban faced no opponent in 2022.
The D.C. Area Is On Alert For Mpox As Pride Starts. Here’s What You Need To Know.
The road to ruin — how the car drove US cities to the brink
The Right Revives Its War on Gay America
Face masks to return at Tour de France to limit COVID-19 cases in the peloton
How Parking Ruined Everything
Long Covid cited by more than 2,600 NHS staff as reason for absence
The Status-Quo Fundamentalism of the “Moderate” Arbiters of Reason: CNN’s boss displays a deeply ideological belief in his own superior objectivity that is pervasive among America’s elites – and makes him a willing henchman of a reactionary political project
Arizona’s water troubles show how climate change is reshaping the West
‘Meet the Press’ Chucks Todd; Is CNN Preparing for Licht-Off?
798,000 Maryland license plates display link to Philippines gambling site
The most interesting startup in America is in Massachusetts. You’ve probably never heard of it. VulcanForms eyes a radical transformation of manufacturing.
The Utopian Future Scenario of Media. Things are bad. But there’s a legitimate path to salvation.
Wish I Were Joe Manchin. What is your personal Mountain Valley Pipeline? What would it be like to force your co-workers to pretend it’s a good idea?
John Roberts’s dream of school re-segregation is fulfilled
Major Transit Official Compares Building Bike and Bus Lanes to Bulldozing Neighborhoods for Freeways
FASCISM! (original pamphlet here)
The Murder Rate Is Suddenly Falling. The first five months of 2023 have produced an encouraging overall trend for the first time in years. (clearing out of pandemic-related justice system backlog?)
Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin (dunno)
The Supreme Court Is Corrupt Because It’s Conservative. It isn’t a coincidence. The court is corrupt, both judicially and ethically, because of the extreme ideology six of its justices serve.
Shakesville’s unravelling and the not-so-golden age of blogging
A business model for bankrupting the oil companies
D.C.-area carjackings have soared. Here’s where they’re happening. The number of carjackings in the D.C. region surged during the pandemic, baffling authorities and rattling communities (it’s not just the District but also the surrounding states, not that you would ever hear that from Republicans…)
Twitter Admits in Court Filing: Elon Musk Is Simply Wrong About Government Interference At Twitter
The End of Crypto As We Know It

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