Links 6/6/23

Links for you. Science:

Lack of association between vaccination rates and excess mortality in Cyprus during the COVID-19 pandemic
More than 70% of US household COVID spread started with a child, study suggests (paging Emily Oster…; paper here)
Myth: Natural Immunity is Better than Vaccination
GWAS and meta-analysis identifies 49 genetic variants underlying critical COVID-19
Efficacy of mRNA-1273 and Novavax ancestral or BA.1 spike booster vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 BA.5 infection in non-human primates
Bacteriophage targeting microbiota alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease induced by high alcohol-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae


The far left and far right are equally antisemitic? A new study suggests otherwise: Young, Catholic conservatives are far more likely to hold anti-Jewish views than progressives (can’t both sides this so much…)
The Shame of the Suburbs
How small towns in America weaponize Memorial Day
DC’s historic board voted to protect a non-historic parking lot. Why?
Elon Musk accused of insider trading in Dogecoin lawsuit
Lessons from Washington State’s New Capital Gains Tax
Washington State’s capital gains tax proves we can have nice things
DCPS Officials Promise Changes And Accountability After Revelations Of Unlawful Contracts
If those supporting ‘Cop City’ prevail in Atlanta, your city could be next: Arresting bail fund organizers is just the latest strategy that city and state officials have used to criminalize dissent and to attack those of us working to stop Cop City.
The long, bloody lineage of private equity’s looting
The effectiveness of financial incentives for COVID-19 vaccination: A systematic review
Robot takeover? Not quite. Here’s what AI doomsday would look like
What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days. On a two-block stretch of Brownsville in April, the police stepped aside and let residents respond to 911 calls. It was a bold experiment that some believe could redefine law-enforcement in New York City.
Ayyyyyy Eyeeeee: The lie that raced around the world before the truth got its boots on.
When the Neighbors Don’t Share Your Vision (and That Vision Involves ‘Transformers’ Statues): A professor decorated a sidewalk in Georgetown with 10-foot sculptures of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. The well-heeled locals were not pleased. (the story misses important context: the house is across the street from a popular bar, The Tombs; this isn’t the ‘idyllic’ part of Georgetown)
You Only Get One Go
The Big Deception: Part 2
The Big Deception: Part 3
Gotta Get More Republican
Want a model on how to govern, Democrats? Look to Minnesota’s miracle.
ONLY TIME WILL TELL: Seditionist Oath Keepers sentenced amid tears and promises of redemption
Why Democrats Rescued the Deal
The tech industry was deflating. Then came ChatGPT.
Getting Across Baltimore
Philadelphia’s slumping voter turnout worries Democrats ahead of 2024
Meet The Millionaire ‘Cowboy’ And Ex-Navy SEAL Being Primed To Take On Sen. Jon Tester. Businessman Tim Sheehy has mourned Montana’s scenic valleys being turned into luxury resorts. He owns mansions at Flathead Lake and Big Sky resort.

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