Links 6/1/23

Links for you. Science:

Early SARS-CoV-2 Reinfections Involving the Same or Different Genomic Lineages, Spain
Risk of long COVID in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong cohorts
Two-year follow-up of patients with post-COVID-19 condition in Sweden: a prospective cohort study
Why the climate crisis is making our insects run for the hills
APOBEC3F is a mutational driver of the human Monkeypox virus identified in the 2022 outbreak
Online Phylogenetics with matOptimize Produces Equivalent Trees and is Dramatically More Efficient for Large SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenies than de novo and Maximum-Likelihood Implementations


Ron DeSantis is Not a Competent Governor (MEATBALL!)
Voices in the Vacuum: The failure of the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator to, well, coordinate a response to COVID-19 misinformation has left physicians to fight the uphill battle on their own.
The revolt of the Christian home-schoolers. They were taught that public schools are evil. Then a Virginia couple defied their families and enrolled their kids. (as I’ve been saying for years about creationism, people typically change their opinion on this sort of stuff only when faced with a personal betrayal, in this case, the father realizing that he suffered a lot of abuse in home schooling)
‘The last good website’: Defector in pursuit of a journalists’ utopia
Va. Dems make risky bet that abortion issue spells doom for Joe Morrissey
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: The Film That Almost Wasn’t (But Thankfully, Was)
The Press is Falling for Anti-Abortion “Fetal Heartbeat” Propaganda
Don’t rule out a national abortion ban in 2025
Why fear of change will drive the GOP presidential primary
We Should Frame Reproductive Rights as a Men’s Issue
How some people get away with doing nothing at work. All hail the jobless employed.
Doug Rushkoff Is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution
Elon Musk Just Can’t Stop Posting Antisemitic Tweets
Walking Görlitz (Germany): Memories, a broken shoe, and the horrors of mankind
Brooke Jenkins’ Voters Got The Dead People They Wanted
No Labels’ Old Allies Agree: The Group Is “Dangerous” and Must Be Stopped
Think Globally, Build Like Hell Locally. How can we decarbonize the economy when we can’t even build housing?
Researcher Meredith Whittaker says AI’s biggest risk isn’t ‘consciousness’—it’s the corporations that control them
D.C. ranked-choice voting initiative could be headed to the ballot
Never “Never Trump”: Fascism Architects Aren’t Anti-Fascism Allies
Local Politics Was Already Messy. Then Came Nextdoor.
The Case Against Student Debt Relief Barely Even Pretends to Make Sense
Which Succession Character Are You?
Mpox shows risk of a summer return
HGTV Flips ‘Brady Bunch’ House, Lists It for $5.5M (Exclusive)
The Bigs Turn on Meatball Ron

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