Links 3/31/23

Links for you. Science:

How to Avoid the Dreaded Norovirus. The so-called winter vomiting disease has been closing schools and hitting long-term care facilities this year. Here’s what you should know
Risk Factors Associated With Post−COVID-19 Condition: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Diverse and abundant viruses exploit conjugative plasmids
These Graphics Show Just How Bad Canada’s Invasive “Super Pig” Problem Really Is
The most common weather alert might also be the most misunderstood
A highly conserved and globally prevalent cryptic plasmid is among the most numerous mobile genetic elements in the human gut


Covid struck and Britain locked down. Here’s what we learned from that – and what we must do next time
How a Single Democrat Stopped the Anti-Trans Wave
Say Goodbye to Your Manager: The pandemic has exposed a fundamental weakness in the system. (neglects one key issue: managers rarely fire themselves or the managerial infrastructure; unless the ‘doers’ have more power, management always wins)
How Vallas Helped Wall Street Loot Chicago’s Schools
The era of impossible subscription cancellations is nearing an end
What’s Actually Behind the Banking Crisis? Why You Pay When They Play.
Oklahoma gives us a chilling glimpse of life in post-Roe America
Congress sat back and let trucks become heavier, taller, and deadlier. Now pedestrian fatalities are at a 40-year high.
Blockbuster might be staging a comeback — and it should
The GOP’s 2020s Culture War Is A Throwback To The 1970s
No, Bill Maher, Student Debt Cancellation Is Not a “Giveaway”
Gordon Moore, Intel Co-Founder And Philanthropist, Dead At 94
S.B.F. Informants & a Strange DeSantis Bedfellow
The Future Of Anti-Drag Movements Looks Even More Violent Than We Thought
A.I., SVB & “Woke” Finance Fears
Police Sue Afroman for Humiliating Them By Making Art Out of Their Raid on His Home
Streaming’s Long, Slow Journey to Television
How to fix baseball
Blue Line riders had maybe the best T commute. Now, speed restrictions have trains crawling and riders bawling. (the T wasn’t like this a decade ago)
The Case for Free School Lunch
Gentrification is washing over America’s wealthiest cities. Here’s how Uphams Corner held back the tide.
20 Years Later, NYT Still Can’t Face Its Iraq War Shame
The Sugar Shack brings back sweet memories for these R&B veterans
The White House should include education and health care in its fight against hidden fees
The French Understand That Work Sucks
You Can’t Solve the Homelessness Crisis Without Housing

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  1. loteringatwill
    Dorie Kavan says:

    Why does this blog associate with and post links from the resolutely anti-trans and allow to post links to your blog? Both Lambert Strether and Yes Smith have posted hateful and inaccurate diatribes about transgender policies and rights and allow vile comments about trans people on their blog .You wouldn’t associate with racists so why do you consort with these bigots?

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