What I Learned from Yesterday’s Congressional Hearing about D.C.

If you want the blow-by-blow account, Martin Austermuhle live tweeted it. Anyway, my thoughts–which can’t be more incoherent than the committee members:

  1. Republican House staffers are a sending a cry for help. The preparation by the Republican side was so bad: multiple factual errors by every Republican member. And a Republican member wondered why all of the witnesses were White in a plurality Black city even as the slate of witnesses was picked by Republicans. These staffers must secretly hate their bosses. Alternatively, they’re all just incredibly fucking stupid.
  2. Related to the previous point, once House Republicans get outside of their media bubble, they’re completely lost.
  3. That said, they’re trying to lay the groundwork for saying D.C. can’t govern itself. Of course, electing these Republican bozos could be an argument for the notion most places shouldn’t be allowed to govern themselves.
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