Links 3/30/23

Links for you. Science:

Understanding and Improving Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates in the Age of Widespread Background Immunity: A Step Towards Improved Science Communication
Long Covid May Be to Blame for Surge in Women With Disabilities
Tattoos Do Odd Things to the Immune System
Eye Drops Recalled after Deaths and Blindness–Here’s What to Know
Stealth Omicron: A Novel SARS-CoV-2 Variant That Is Insensitive to RT-qPCR Using the N1 and N2 Primer-Probes
Evidence for wastewaters as environments where mobile antibiotic resistance genes emerge (we still haven’t identified a plausible source for KPC or NDM though…)


The wrongest war
Punching Bragg
Where Are They Now?: The Pundits Who Got Iraq Wrong (they have always been awful)
North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Is A Facebook Brawler Whose Posts Railed Against Gays, Blacks, And Jews
Those who want respect, give respect
Yes, The Republicans Are Fascists. Claudia Koonz’s The Nazi Conscience shows that fascism was less total than we think
D.C. leaders say free-bus plan will advance despite Bowser’s cost concerns
Trump May Face Prosecution. America Faces a Test.
After the winter kids just had, pediatricians are not okay
A Regional Reign of Terror
How Monetary Policy Affects Bank Lending and Financial Stability: A ‘Credit Creation Theory of Banking’ Explanation
They Don’t Care
Is AI Turning Me Into an Obsolete Machine?
The failure to recognise the ongoing severity of COVID-19 is creating a reality gap that is being filled by groups peddling misinformation.
The Republican Plan to Make Voting Irrelevant
Bowser Proposes Slashing Emergency Rental Assistance, Housing Production Funds Amid Grim Economic Forecast
Is Apartment-phobia Driving America’s Housing Crisis?
After Years Positioning Herself as a Housing Leader, Bowser’s New Budget Beats a Retreat
We Cannot Countenance Windowless Bedrooms
Raising Kids Would Be So Much Better Without Cars
Architecture, Aesthetic Moralism, and the Crisis of Urban Housing
Metro’s Yellow Line Will End At Mt. Vernon Square Starting In May; MetroAccess Fares Capped At $4
Book Publishers Won’t Stop Until Libraries Are Dead
The GOP is becoming more unhinged about LGBTQ people — which will only make them more unpopular
Taxpayers Paid Billions For It: So Why Would Moderna Consider Quadrupling the Price of the COVID Vaccine?
The Decades Of Successful Marketing Behind ‘Right-To-Work’ Laws

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