Links 3/24/23

Links for you. Science:

Is Climate Change Really Making Fish Bigger? A New Study Says Yes (paper here)
What Long COVID Feels Like, According To 7 People Who Have It
Long COVID linked to higher mortality rates and long-term heart problems, new study finds
The Little-Known World of Caterpillars
How Does SARS-CoV-2 Cause Disease? A Current Report (title is a bit misleading, but this is a good explainer for non-scientists about how (some) scientists–not pundits–actually read papers)
Strife at eLife: inside a journal’s quest to upend science publishing. Editors threaten to resign over ‘no-reject’ model that others see as the future of research journals.


Were the Bank Bailouts the Result of Rising Wealth Concentration? (it was worse than most people think. Damn, nearly everyone was played)
Fire the Fed
This D.C. statehood activist just got full voting rights — in Austria
This Bank Panic Should Not Exist
To build more ‘missing middle’ housing, the devil is in the details
I Was an S.V.B. Client. I Blame the Venture Capitalists. (yes!)
Dallas Has a Problem With ‘Zombie’ Astroturf Groups
William Hanage on COVID lessons we haven’t learned
Lance Reddick Answers Every Question We Have About John Wick
Uptown Theater Neighbors Draft Plan To Turn The Shuttered Venue Into An Arts Center With Films And Food
The Stonehenge of PC design, Xerox Alto, appeared 50 years ago this month
Alligator in the Attic: Building Inspector Shocked to Find 8-ft Beast in Three-Story Home
The High and Getting Higher Cost of Renting in the US (I’m very lucky that, when I started out, these kinds of fees didn’t exist–I don’t see how I could have rented an apartment)
The Media Better Be Smart and Get Wise to DeSantis’ Bad-Faith Press Operation
The Unlearned Lessons From the War in Iraq
The Heckler’s Veto
Affordable insulin? You bet, thanks to Biden and congressional Democrats
Trump Media Got Millions in Loans from Foreign Sources with Russian Ties
Here’s How To Build Your Own Mini Metro Arrival Screen For Your Home Or Office
D.C. Auditor Report: Vision Zero Program Didn’t Have Enough Funding, Staffing To Succeed (nothing changes until we stop electing car-dependent mayors and Council members)
Somebody Explain History to Republicans
D.C.’s traffic safety strategy lacked funding, oversight, audit finds
Inside the Bro-tastic Party Mansions Upending a Historic Austin Community
Farewell to the Last Frontier: For decades, Terlingua was a rough, remote refuge for cowboys, wanderers, and weirdos. Now it’s an increasingly popular getaway for well-heeled urbanites seeking a piece of “the last best thing.”
How favoritism has now infected our state’s last branch of government, the Ohio Supreme Court
And Now Let’s Review… A.O. Scott conducts his own exit interview as he moves to a new post after more than two decades of reviewing films.

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