Links 3/4/23

Links for you. Science:

Protection from COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and prior SARS-CoV-2 infection against COVID-19–associated encounters in adults during Delta and Omicron predominance
Long COVID rates fall by half nationwide, New England rates among lowest
How do bats live with so many viruses? New bat stem cells hint at an answer
The bird flu outbreak has taken an ominous turn
Why we need a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of long COVID
In-depth assessment of muscle biopsies in patients with long COVID


Long Covid Is a Disability. Here’s How to Ask for Workplace Accommodations.
The Four Horsemen of Inflation
The New York Times Is Repeating One of Its Most Notorious Mistakes
Meet the Religious Crusaders Fighting for Abortion Rights. Christian conservatives worked to topple Roe. Can members of different faiths save abortion access? (“If state courts don’t grant the plaintiffs relief, their decisions may indicate a judicial bias in which the freedom to exercise one’s chosen religion only applies if it is congruent with the court’s religious preference.” Which is to say, White Christian supremacy)
Treating kids as invulnerable is treating them as disposable
The Presidents Wouldn’t Be Mad at their Republic, Just Disappointed
You Know What You Did Last 2009
Senate Dems have a simple choice on FCC nominee: Do the right thing or help big telecom and the GOP
“Woke” is like “Gluten” It Just Means Anything Bad
DeSantis considers replacing SAT exams with ‘Christian’ alternative that focuses on white guys
Our Sister Organization
A New Museum Is Opening Underneath The Lincoln Memorial
Google’s chatbot panic (also see this)
D.C. Ends Free COVID-19 Test Distribution At Libraries, Senior Centers
Right-wing pundits leap on Ohio disaster as proof Biden administration is ‘waging a war on whites’ (but the Biden administration going silent enables this)
Ron DeSantis Shouldn’t Be Covered Like Just Another Republican: Florida’s wannabe autocrat and possible 2024 contender isn’t Trump, but he’s as dangerous to democracy.
‘Cluster**** of a Situation’: Ex-Staffers Say Karim Marshall’s Council Campaign Dogged by Delayed Paychecks, Managerial Dysfunction
In China’s COVID Battle, Medical Students Bear a Punishing Burden
As the Pandemic Swept America, Deaths in Prisons Rose Nearly 50 Percent
Florida is the Testing Ground for Extreme Conservatism
Turbotax is blitzing Congress for the right to tax YOU
How Much More Can Girls Take? Teen girls’ depression is skyrocketing—now we want to force them into childbirth
More Republicans seem to have lied about their resumes. Who’s surprised?
Why I don’t trust “libertarian paternalism,” part 65
The cognitive infiltration of Adrian Vermeule
Zantac’s Maker Kept Quiet About Cancer Risks for 40 Years

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