Links 1/25/23

Links for you. Science:

New insights into deadly fungal invasion in people with compromised immune systems (paper here)
Comparative Proteomics of Outer Membrane Vesicles from Polymyxin-Susceptible and Extremely Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
The Last Of Us Fungal Outbreak Is Terrifying, But Is It Realistic?
Data Snapshot: Are we overcounting Covid-19 deaths? No. (paging Dr. Leana Wen…)
“I was appalled to see the prime minister making those comments”: A U of T epidemiologist on the myth of immunity debt and the real reason everyone’s getting sick (Canadian media seem much more open to the possibility of some kind of post-COVID immune system function)
There’s Been An Uptick In Canine Influenza Around D.C. Here’s What To Know


Matt Yglesias and the secret of blogging: How to be a successful content entrepreneur (the other thing–might have to blog about it–is not getting caught up in what you write or taking it seriously, which is a problem when you have his reach)
This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before it changes writing forever
J.D. Vance and the Myth of White Exceptionalism
Free speech or out of order? As meetings grow wild, officials try to tame public comment.
The Stationary Object Problem
Ron DeSantis Proposes Permanently Banning COVID-19 Mandates
Skipped court dates suggest Patriot Front members aren’t taking Idaho rioting charges seriously
Extremely Hardcore: Twitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the social media site against impulsive billionaires who wanted to use the reach of its platform for their own ends, and then one made himself the CEO.
Preening Self-Important Assholes Desperate To Be The Main Character
Why The Ongoing Nick Fuentes-Ye Alliance Is So Dangerous
What happens when you reject the idea that the system actually works?
“Gas stoves!” freak-out is the least convincing fake Republican outrage ever. Suddenly the party that despises kale and Dijon mustard wants to pretend they’re precious about culinary techniques
‘They’re here! They’re here!’: wild pigs are trying to take over Canada (30-50 at a time?)
7-Eleven store owner uses classical music to drive away homeless people
The Hamline files
The plan to ‘Trump-proof’ US science against political meddling
The big con
Threats to blow up the debt ceiling aren’t normal, and they aren’t coming from ‘both sides’
Supreme Court Releases Report On Dobbs Leak, Fails To Find Suspect
The IRS, Fake Populism, and the Conspiratorial Right on the Beach
Reasons for Receiving or Not Receiving Bivalent COVID-19 Booster Vaccinations Among Adults — United States, November 1–December 10, 2022
Does Kathy Hochul Really Want to Go Down With Hector LaSalle’s Sinking Ship?
Kathy Hochul’s Bad Bet: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tried to strongarm her own party into giving her a judge. Her failure speaks volumes about how the State Senate has changed.
Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google

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  1. silverapplequeen – poet. dancer. mother. feminist. kitchen witch. book lover.
    silverapplequeen says:

    Lots of people, not just the homeless, will be driven away by the sounds of classical music. I’m not one of them. I’ll be driven away by modern pop music. But to play classical music in order to drive away the homeless shows how racist & stupid the managers of 7-Eleven are. Lots of POC, whether they are homeless or not, enjoy the classics.

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