Links 1/22/23

Links for you. Science:

Long COVID: major findings, mechanisms and recommendations
Long Covid can be debilitating, even for healthy kids
Scientists inch closer to learning origins of mysterious ‘fairy circles’
In California, a drought turned to floods. Forecasters didn’t see it coming.
The moon beckons once again, and this time NASA wants to stay
Peter Hotez on new COVID XBB1.5 variant: ‘People are saying this will be mild. It’s not mild’


Kraken, Elon Musk and dead Canadian doctors: Disinformation surges 3 years into the pandemic
Inflation Is Slowing — Without the Higher Unemployment Larry Summers Said Was Necessary
The GOP’s New Crusade Is Destroying America’s Comeback
Merrick Garland Has Risked Justice by Betting on Impartiality
The Dangerous Decline of the Historical Profession
Kevin McCarthy Wants to Hold China Accountable. His Top Aide Lobbied for Alibaba.
Kathy Hochul Will Do “Everything” to Force an Anti-Union Judge Onto New York’s Highest Court
Lear’s two daughters: Which doth love America most?
Twitter’s Latest ‘Feature’ Is How You Know Elon Musk Is in Over His Head. It’s the Cautionary Tale Every Business Needs to Hear. Musk is making changes that are actively hostile to Twitter’s users.
‘People aren’t taking this seriously’: experts say US Covid surge is big risk
Kellyanne Conway and The New York Times, perfect together
The widening Jair
How a War on Porn Is Endangering US Sex Workers
The New York State Democratic Party
Australian governments have kept much of their COVID research and modelling secret. Why?
The debt ceiling is an absurd problem. Only an absurd solution can save us.
How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low
What Does It Mean to Reinvent Journalism?
Former GOP candidate arrested in shootings at N.M. Democrats’ homes
How to fix the Supreme Court: Congress has the power, and simply isn’t using it
Get a Spine; Trump’s a Crook, Biden’s Not
Should Insurrectionists Permanently Forfeit Their Electoral Rights?
Failed Republican candidate arrested in shootings targeting Democratic politicians’ homes
Our Split-Level NeoFascism
The Getty Family’s Trust Issues

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  1. silverapplequeen – poet. dancer. mother. feminist. kitchen witch. book lover.
    silverapplequeen says:

    Kathy Hochul is married to the senior vice president of Delaware North, which is one of the reasons downtown Buffalo totally sucks IMHO … they’re also anti-union. Buffalo used to have a GREAT downtown but now it’s the same old glass & steel corporate nothingland like every other downtown city in the US.

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