Links 1/21/23

Links for you. Science:

One-year cardiovascular outcomes after coronavirus disease 2019: The cardiovascular COVID-19 registry
Finally read that “disruption paper” everyone is talking about. Key missed point: “While the share of disruptive papers has fallen, the number of highly-disruptive papers hasn’t.”
When Darkness Falls, Three Friends Find Ancient Art. Some Norwegian hobbyists are having a great time uncovering hundreds of Bronze Age carvings. Their discoveries have lent weight to theories about what the mysterious images mean.
Effectiveness of the Bivalent mRNA Vaccine in Preventing Severe COVID-19 Outcomes: An Observational Cohort Study
Is ‘Long Covid’ similar to ‘Long SARS’?
Dolphins Can Shout Underwater, but It’s Never Loud Enough


The missing workers who are never coming back
An Appeals Court Wants to Bring Back Bump Stocks, Beloved by Mass Shooters
Iowa GOP Official’s Wife Charged For Voter Fraud Scheme
COVID’s not exactly back, because it never went away
Florida High School Cancels Production of Indecent; Students Say It’s Because of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Laws
Getting lung cancer to own the libs: House Republicans want to make smoking great again
Are Cities Too Reliant on Twitter? Social media platforms have become key communication tools for government agencies. The recent suspension of the DC Metrobus account shows the perils.
Mint the Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin, Dark Brandon! The debt ceiling is a legendarily ridiculous problem. Fortunately, there is a ridiculously legendary solution. (got there first about the absurdity)
Harbor City called George Santos a ‘perfect fit.’ The SEC called the company a fraud.
Debt Ceiling
The happiest, least stressful, most meaningful jobs in America
If your job title is something like ‘carpet shampoo manager,’ it’s a red flag for wage theft
Brazil’s military blocked arrests of Bolsonaro rioters, officials say
New House Homeland Security Committee Chair Has History Of Anti-Muslim Comments
NYT Moves to ‘Stack the Deck of Justice’ Against Its Subscribers
The Deep State Awards. Want a government contract? Act like the corporate lobbyists at the Information Technology Industry Council. Invent an award and give it to public officials in charge of handing out contracts.
Why Do Documents Marked Secret Keep Showing Up in Strange Places?
Wife Slapper Dana White Has Suffered Enough? Legal jurisprudence has a new standard and crime is now the punishment.
Sick and Alone: Fighting the pandemic through individual choice meant not fighting the pandemic.
Why Republican Politicians Still Hate Medicare
I Didn’t Do It
Santos’s Lies Were Known to Some Well-Connected Republicans
America Will Never Put Its Teen Curfews to Bed
MacKenzie Scott is shaking up philanthropy’s traditions. Is that a good thing?
Hate speech rises on Twitter in its largest markets after Musk takeover

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