Masking and Communications

To follow up on Tuesday’s post about the CDC very tentatively asking people to mask, the legacy media have a role to play here too. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have led with headlines like “Faced with hospitalization surge, CDC asks people to voluntarily mask.” Instead, we got nothing. I find it hard to believe this is accidental either. As best as I can tell, the prominent dailies, on the whole, think worrying about long COVID is for ninnies and, as for for the immunocompromised, well, fuck ’em amirite? Not exactly covering themselves with glory here.

The other point is that prominent public health people in safe positions–hypothetically, let’s say a former CDC director (hypothetically, of course)–need to stop tiptoeing around their recommendations. It’s ok to you think people should be masking. You don’t have to do the ‘you-do-you but you might want to consider’ weasel crapola. Just say, “Kids can’t get emergency treatment right now, so we need you to wear a mask.” I get not wanting to add “YOU FUCKING COWARD” to the end of the previous sentence, but stop hemming and hawing. Just say what you mean.

I will now go outside and yell at clouds.

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