Links 12/8/22

Links for you. Science:

Covid vaccine trials didn’t monitor menstrual changes. Researchers say it’s part of a bigger problem.
Gradual emergence followed by exponential spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Africa (note that there’s some reasons to think this is contamination; these sorts of studies are very twitchy)
It’s a Wonderful Life
Individual bat viromes reveal the co-infection, spillover and emergence risk of potential zoonotic viruses
Multi-drug resistant E. coli displace commensal E. coli from the intestinal tract, a trait associated with elevated levels of genetic diversity in carbohydrate metabolism genes
Effectiveness of mRNA Booster Vaccination Against Mild, Moderate, and Severe COVID-19 Caused by the Omicron Variant in a Large, Population-Based, Norwegian Cohort


Matty Taibbi’s Dick Pics
The GOP’s “New Direction”: More Extremism
Return on Investment of the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in New York City
The Disturbing World of the New GOP
TSA now wants to scan your face at security. Here are your rights.
The Many Confessions of Sam Bankman-Fried
He got off Mass. and Cass. Now, he’s working to beat the odds and stay sober.
Why Do So Many International Students Leave the US?
It’s OK to diss the Nazis
Should a Single Trump Judge Have the Power to Void Biden’s Policies?
The 2024 presidential race is only starting. And the Democrats just created a logistical mess.
Kanye West, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and the Mainstreaming of Nazism
When journalists are the target of high-tech espionage
The Rise and Fall of the American Fraudster
The Boss is Watching
Evictions are rising again. It’s time to get creative.
How Social Media Ensures that No One Hears Amber Heard
The GOP Can’t Hide From Extremism
Who’s Watching: The evolution of the right to privacy
‘Outright Betrayal’ Over a Music Industry Windfall
Jiang Zemin, who opened China to markets and corruption, is dead
Paying for Dinner: How Republicans have been trying to spin Donald Trump’s meal with Ye and Fuentes.
Inside Putin’s War of Attrition: Munitions are running low on both sides of the Ukraine conflict as military suppliers race to keep pace with Russia’s furious, WWI-like shelling. The artillery-heavy strategy is forcing the Pentagon to rethink its very notion of modern war.
Winning Hand

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