Warnock Wins

This is good. It helps with a whole bunch of procedural issues, such as appointing more judges. Of course, if professional Democrats hadn’t fucked up in multiple ways regarding the House, we would be much better off.

One thing that hurt Walker, compared to Trump, is Walker wasn’t filtered by the political press corps: people could see his incoherence unfiltered and that really hurt him. Trump’s coverage often excerpted the (relatively) coherent parts, making him seem less ridiculous and more intelligent than he was. Democrats need to figure out how to make what Walker experienced happen more often.

Also, Warnock is a very talented politician, and, in a state like Georgia, his ability to code as a ‘non-threatening Black man’ is a huge political asset: even many Republicans think he’s a decent person. He wouldn’t be a bad presidential candidate some day. Just saying.

Also, Democrats should make Georgia, not South Carolina, an early state.

Damn, the Democrats needed to hold the House. Instead, we’re going to have batshit lunacy for (at least) two years.

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  1. scottfree43
    scottfree43 says:

    The Dems would like to make Georgia and early state but the Georgia Rs control that at the state level and will not allow it. Being an early primary state is thought to give the party an advantage so the Dems have “swing state” as one of the desirables when choosing.

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