Links 12/6/22

Links for you. Science:

Emergence and Evolutionary Response of Vibrio cholerae to Novel Bacteriophage, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Visa bureaucracy makes scientific conferences inaccessible for too many researchers
Long-term immune protection against SARS-CoV-2 escape variants upon a single vaccination with murine cytomegalovirus expressing the spike protein
Frederick P. Brooks Jr., Computer Design Innovator, Dies at 91
An elegant way to stop deadly Hendra virus spillovers from bats to horses … to us
SARS-CoV-2 infection produces chronic pulmonary epithelial and immune cell dysfunction with fibrosis in mice


Originalism is bunk. Liberal lawyers shouldn’t fall for it.
Why America’s Railroads Refuse to Give Their Workers Paid Leave
In Legislative Elections, Democrats Defied Recent History
Pandemic Year 3: Who’s Got the Power? Has public health failed us? Or have we failed public health?
D.C. Council Wants To Make Metrobus Fares Free
Musk’s Beloved Twitter Polls Are Bot-Driven Bullsh!t, Ex-Employees Say
The end of an error
What We Ask of Black American Athletes
Trump Brought Nazis Into the GOP. DeSantis Won’t Expel Them. White nationalism is not just a Trump problem.
Democracy Was Tried And Failed, Thus Two D.C. Races Will Be Settled By A Game Of Chance
How to Hate a Jew Like a Jew
The Communist Party Is Losing China’s People
How to Start a Fire: In the wake of the mass shooting at a Colorado gay bar, a reactionary media has blood on its hands
OMG, a Right-Wing Jerk Can Buy Twitter! Media Concentration Matters (don’t really agree with Baker’s solution; would prefer interoperability standards)
Emperor Charles V’s secret code cracked after five centuries
Tucker Carlson made Ye a right-wing hero. Now he’s praising Hitler and Nazis.
Which siding are you on? Through the historic district looking glass (the board member leading the charge in this ridiculousness is named, I kid you not, Outerbridge Horsey VII)
The pregnancy test is positive. Abortion is restricted maybe even illegal. What now?
What would Harry Reid do right now? Threaten to cancel Christmas to save the country
The problem with scarcity
As Boise officials announce investigation into racist police captain, extremists voice their dismay
A Hacked Newsroom Brings a Spyware Maker to U.S. Court
COVID boosted anti-vaccine propaganda. Now measles and other childhood diseases are on the march
D.C. Council Wants To Make Metrobus Fares Free In The District, Expand Service Overnight

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