Kanye West’s Mistake Was Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

So Kanye West went on Alex Jones’ show, and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next! Actually, even if you haven’t heard what happened, you probably can guess what happened next: lots of overt anti-Semitism.

What’s remarkable is how desperate Jones was to get West to speak in code, the usual winks and nods to anti-Semitism, such as ‘globalists’ or ‘George Soros.’ Nope! West went full Nazi (his fanbois are trying to spin this as West just being so full of love, he loves everyone–including Hitler). But that said, his real sin, both through his own words and through giving anti-Semite incel Nick Fuentes (who is a really creepy dude) a larger platform by making him his presidential campaign manager, is saying the quiet part out loud. The anti-Semitism, unlike the racism, is supposed to be a dog whistle, and West just let it rip instead.

Unfortunately, playing footsie with anti-Semitism isn’t a recent thing for movement conservatives and Republicans. This isn’t just West–remember this tweet (which was only pulled down yesterday):

A significant fraction of the conservative movement and the Republican Party are white Christian supremacists–and the Christian component is obvious to anyone who isn’t Christian. It is an organizing principle for the far right. Republicans can’t win without them, so the anti-Semitism, along with the other usual forms of bigotry will continue, until there is a cost to being evil. So far, they haven’t paid enough of a cost to change their behavior.

Update: Great minds think alike, etc. (boldface mine):

But in doing so, West revealed what lurks behind the kind of rhetoric that mainstream conservatives are willing to employ and the sorts of forces they’re willing to ally themselves with when it’s deemed politically convenient. We know what some part of their audience hears when they blame “George Soros” for migrant caravans and rail against “globalist” plots against America.

Kanye West has bombed his career. The right’s plausible deniability is collateral damage.

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