Links 12/1/22

Links for you. Science:

How could COVID be involved in the pediatric health crisis resulting from a surge in RSV and flu in various places (Canada, USA, Europe)? There are at least three ways.
Pocket feature shared by deadly coronaviruses could lead to pan-coronavirus antiviral treatment
The free fatty acid–binding pocket is a conserved hallmark in pathogenic β-coronavirus spike proteins from SARS-CoV to Omicron
World’s heaviest flying bird may be self-medicating on plants used in traditional medicine
Is Wine Fake?
Where Have All the Snow Crabs Gone? Eleven billion crabs vanished. Is climate change really to blame?


Elon Musk and the Narcissism/Radicalization Maelstrom
Sure, Sounds Good, Run With That
Biden’s zero-emission government fleet starts with USPS
Only Fools And Frenchmen
Keith Levene, founding member of the Clash, dies at 65
900 block of F St., NW c. 1980
When it comes to school vouchers, Josh Shapiro should pass. As a professor of education policy, I can say without reservation that vouchers hurt academic achievement for children. How much so? Think about what the pandemic did to standardized test scores. (the reason Shapiro supports vouchers is because he needed to neutralize/get onside DFER–not excusing it at all, but his position has nothing to do with policy)
What Does Queens Need More, a New Park or a New Train Line?
Democrats Should Stop Appearing On Fox News, Here’s Why
Why I Want Twitter to Live
The Lost Gospel of S.B.F. New revelations illuminating the world-changing ambitions, aborted blueprints, utopian projects, and democracy-transforming money-bombs emanating from S.B.F., Inc., before the crypto billionaire’s house of cards came crashing down.
Why Walmart workers are still broke
FOCUS: Old-Style Blogging Should Be New Again!
How to Weave the Artisan Web
Nevada passed the ranked-choice voting, open primary ballot question. What happens next?
Retailers say thefts are at crisis level. The numbers say otherwise
What Fleeing Twitter Users Will—and Won’t—Find on Mastodon
Over 1 billion people believe in witchcraft — especially in places with weak institutions
The Expanded Child Tax Credit Is Gone. The Battle Over It Remains.
It’s Public Land. But the Public Can’t Reach It.
Boston schools lost 15,000 Black students in the past 20 years. Where did they go, and will they ever return?
How one man quietly stitched the American safety net over four decades
The Techno-Feudal Method to Musk’s Twitter Madness
Elite Conservatives Have Taken an Awfully Weird Turn. As it leaves behind American values, has the right gotten too strange to win elections?

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