Centrists Misunderstand the Moment: The Sick Leave Edition

Between the Washington Post editorial board calling for sending federal workers back to the office so D.C. (not Wor-Shing-Tun) can have more tax revenue* and the Biden Administration choosing to side with capital over labor because railroad workers want seven days of paid sick leave per year, it’s pretty clear significant parts of the moderate establishment don’t understand how the pandemic changed attitudes among Democratic-aligned voters. Adding in the Biden Administration’s response to Omicron, which has been mediocre at best, it’s clear they don’t get how much people value sick leave.

Because people saw first-hand how important sick leave is. Yes, the ‘Let ‘er rip’ assholes are gonna asshole, but the Democratic rank-and-file, along with the Democrat-curious, like sick leave. While one would expect Sen. Sanders to side with the railroad workers, even Sen. Hickenlooper–who makes Biden look like a leftist–gets it. (Really didn’t have a Sanders/Hickenlooper coalition on my 2022 bingo card).

Will this cause massive disillusionment with the Biden administration? Probably not. But this is a self-inflicted wound, and, in the next term, with a Republican-controlled House, professional Democrats are going to need a motivated base to counteract Republican lunacy.

Really not reading the room here.

*What a bunch of fucking assholes.

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