Some Thoughts on the (Preliminary) Election Results

In no particular order:

  1. If someone had told me that Democrats, this morning, still had a (slim) chance of holding the House, I wouldn’t have believed it. While I did think Republican seats – Democratic seat would be between five and ten, I didn’t see this.
  2. Dobbs was huge. According to the generic Congressional polls, the leaked draft decision is when things started to shift, and they kept going for quite a while. Conservative claims to the contrary, people like fucking.
  3. Related to the above, if Democrats don’t take back the House, abortion is still in play in 2024. That can’t make Republican strategies happy (obviously, I would prefer a Democratic House).
  4. If Democrats lose the House there will be two factors. One is the Republican judges appointed by former Democratic governor and Asshole-American Andrew Fucking Cuomo, who shot down the New York redistricting plan. That probably cost the Democrats three House seats. The other issue that can’t be ignored is the horribleness of the Florida Democratic Party. Perhaps Florida has become a Republican state, but Florida Democrats are so incompetent and corrupt–and have been for years–so how could one really tell? The state party apparatus needs to be torn down to the studs and rebuilt.
  5. This is really a victory (of sorts) for Democratic rank-and-file voters. You did this, not power brokers in Wor-Shing-Tun. Remind them of that in 2024 (I write you, not we, since, as a resident of the colonial territory of the District of Columbia, I have no voting representation in Congress).
  6. Despite a weird economy, Democrats did very well. That should be a talking point, I think.
  7. Concerns about crime (BOOGA! BOOGA!) seem to have been overblown. In general, the political press corps really whiffed on this whole election.
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2 Responses to Some Thoughts on the (Preliminary) Election Results

  1. ted
    Ted says:

    Can we take down the Alabama Democratic Party while we’re at it? An appalling number of statewide races didn’t even have a token Democratic candidate. Hell, even the Libertarians, who had to fight for ballot access for each candidate individually, managed to enter a number of races the Dems abandoned.

  2. silverapplequeen – poet. dancer. mother. feminist. kitchen witch. book lover.
    silverapplequeen says:

    Cuomo was a DINO & that’s that.

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