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Links 8/16/22

Links for you. Science: Impact of Lifting School Masking Requirements on Incidence of COVID-19 among Staff and Students in Greater-Boston Area School Districts: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis (wear a damn mask) Supercharged biotech rice yields 40% more grain Two Weeks In, … Continue reading

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Muddled Messages from the CDC

There’s a lot to be said, most of it not good, about the CDC’s new COVID guidelines, but there are three issues worth focusing on. First, while some COVID safety policies are relaxed, it’s worth noting that the CDC is … Continue reading

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Links 8/15/22

Links for you. Science: How is monkeypox spread? How strongly does statistical reasoning influence knowledge and acceptance of evolution? A tale of two plasmids: contributions of plasmid associated phenotypes to epidemiological success among Shigella What’s driving the massive, destructive rainfalls … Continue reading

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He’s (NOT) Just a Minor Threat

If Donald Trump were not a former president, this would be obvious: If Trump were anyone else, he would automatically be considered the archetype of a security risk: a disgruntled, former employee with large debts and a narcissistic personality, who … Continue reading

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Links 8/14/22

Links for you. Science: Reduced incidence of Long COVID referrals to the Cambridge University Teaching Hospital Long COVID clinic Duration of Symptoms and Association With Positive Home Rapid Antigen Test Results After Infection With SARS-CoV-2 A.I. Is Not Sentient. Why … Continue reading

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Observed on Old Morgan School Road NW, Adams Morgan, D.C.:

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Links 8/13/22

Links for you. Science: Of Course Biden Has Rebound COVID Antlers Do What No Other Bones Can. Deer almost break their bodies to build antlers each year, and scientists still don’t really know why. Why So Many Cars Have Rats … Continue reading

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Links 8/12/22

Links for you. Science: Genome sequencing of up to 6,000-yr-old Citrullus seeds reveals use of a bitter-fleshed species prior to watermelon domestication Pseudofinder: Detection of Pseudogenes in Prokaryotic Genomes How Can We Resolve Lewontin’s Paradox? (it can take a long … Continue reading

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Amidst all the HAET TAEKS about the Mar-A-Lago raid, I’ll just add that for federal employees, the wanton disregard by Trump et alia for rules, regulations, and the law is incredibly demoralizing. As bad as a rule-following bureaucracy might be, … Continue reading

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Links 8/11/22

Links for you. Science: ‘Corn sweat’ is making the air in the Midwest oppressively muggy Earth Is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Leading to the Shortest Day Ever Recorded Evaluating the efficacy and safety of a novel prophylactic nasal spray in … Continue reading

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