Links 8/29/22

Links for you. Science:

Your first brush with coronavirus could affect how a fall booster works. As omicron-specific boosters near, scientists debate how ‘original antigenic sin’ will influence immune responses (excellent)
Your Doppelgänger Is Out There and You Probably Share DNA With Them
Researchers have succeeded in identifying the proteins in the coronavirus that can damage blood vessels
Discoveries in Puerto Rico’s Deep Sea
‘Never seen Jupiter like this’: James Webb telescope shows incredible view of planet
The imminent BA.5 vaccine booster


Margin of Terror
Amazon’s Dangerous New Acquisition: The company’s purchase of iRobot, the maker of the Roomba, likely has little to do with cleaning floors.
Other Guys
A Mich. library refused to remove an LGBTQ book. The town defunded it.
Did They Ever Find The Solutions
Joe Biden’s Student Debt Forgiveness Is a Good Start. But more reform is needed to attack cost bloat in American higher education.
Restaurant Industry Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Keep Tipped-Wage Measure Off D.C.’s November Ballot
Atheist to send Texas schools ‘In God We Trust’ signs written in Arabic
Get A Load Of These Dolts
Free college, misty water-color memory edition
Beware the Phony Parent Astroturf Groups in Your State!
Primary Turnout Surged in Wards 7 and 8. Mail-In Voting Is a Big Reason Why.
A Single Phone Number Has Helped Stop Over Two-Thirds Of Evictions in D.C.
Biden’s Gimmie to the Higher Educational Complex and Well-Off, Dem Leaning Voters: The $10,000 Student Loan Writeoff
The barely hidden fascism of Ron DeSantis makes a Pa. pit stop on a race to ’24
Post-Roe political regrets sink in
The Abysmal Covid Vaccination Rate for Toddlers Speaks Volumes
You may soon be asked to take a pay cut to keep working from home
Can New Jersey Supermarkets Predict an End to the Suburban Experiment?
Prescription Drug Price Reforms Won’t Happen for Years
D.C. had a plan to end chronic homelessness. Why isn’t it working yet?
Trump’s latest eruption underscores the danger of a GOP House
Dark Brandon Rises

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