Links 8/25/22

Links for you. Science:

Sporadic Occurrence of Enteroaggregative Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 Similar to 2011 Outbreak Strain
Early Estimates of Monkeypox Incubation Period, Generation Time, and Reproduction Number, Italy, May–June 2022
Scientists hope nasal vaccines will help halt Covid transmission
A disastrous megaflood is coming to California, experts say, and it could be the most expensive natural disaster in history
Polio Was Almost Eradicated. This Year It Staged a Comeback.
There’s a bit of good news about monkeypox. Is it because of the vaccine?


The Idea That Letting Trump Walk Will Heal America Is Ridiculous (yep)
DC’s pioneering ‘Baby Bonds’ plan aims to narrow wealth gap
Some Rural Hospitals Are in Such Bad Shape, Local Governments Are Practically Giving Them Away
Minoru Yamasaki, Willow Run Airport (1958) Ypsilanti, MI
The Life Cycle Of A Youth Activist: What actually happens when traumatized teenagers are thrust into the national spotlight? asks Delaney Tarr.
State Rep. Dan Frankel targeted by antisemitic posts on Gab
‘They Keep Making The Same Kind Of Mistakes’: This Journalist Has Been Tracking D.C.’s Troubled 911 System (another failure of governance)
Concerns about the rollout of the new monkeypox vaccine strategy
With Progressives Split, Rep. Josh Gottheimer May Be Gaining a New Ally in Congress. No Labels and a crypto PAC are boosting Joshua Lafazan, a former far-right party nominee, in a Long Island Democratic primary.
From an old bottle found in a wall, a D.C. whiskey brand was reborn
Republicans Are Being Mean to the IRS, Not That the Democrats Are Helping
Republican scare tactics about IRS funding are becoming increasingly dangerous. This isn’t just misinformation — this is information that is designed to radicalize.
CDC’s updated guidelines for living with the zombie apocalypse
The horribly timed defenestration of Brian Stelter
By firing Brian Stelter, CNN is capitulating to disinformation rather than fighting it
We Can Thank Green New Dealers for the Inflation Reduction Act
Will Instructional Designers Become The Latest NFL Craze?
Reactions roll in after Kari Lake endorses Jew-hating Jarrin Jackson
Understanding “longtermism”: Why this suddenly influential philosophy is so toxic
NLRB Tosses ExxonMobil Decision Where Trump Member Had Stock
Inside The Right’s Historic Billion-Dollar Dark Money Transfer
Contrarian Doctors, The Pandemic is Over Again, Again. I predicted last year that contrarian doctor would continue to say “the pandemic is over”. How did this prediction hold up?
Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America: ‘The place has lost its mind’

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