Links 8/23/22

Links for you. Science:

Botanist fights to save cycads, the ‘dinosaur’ plants threatened by land clearing and zealous collectors
Mystery of half-billion year old creature with no anus solved
The Megalodon Was Bigger, Faster and Even Hungrier
You Have No Idea How Good Mosquitoes Are at Smelling Us
Forever Chemicals No More? PFAS Are Destroyed With New Technique
MIT scientists say they have found a way to increase the energy output of wind farms


Trump Didn’t Bring Down Liz Cheney—Her Conservative White Base Did. Cheney, like her father, spent a lifetime feeding the rage of right-wing Republicans. Now they’ve turned on her. (excellent)
How did trans people become a GOP target? Experts say it’s all about keeping evangelicals voting
Why I’m Joining the Exodus of Teachers Leaving the Classroom
Covid isn’t done with us, whatever the CDC says. Instead of the continued dangers of the ongoing pandemic, the message being emphasized is that restrictions are easing up.
Biden’s Climate Law Is Ending 40 Years of Hands-Off Government. For America to decarbonize, it must reindustrialize.
The Complete Guide to All the Ways Donald Trump Is Legally Screwed
Brooke Jenkins’ $100K Pay May Have Been Legal, But Was It Ethical?
Francis Fukuyama stuck in a time loop.
Where Does Alex Jones Go From Here? Watching the Alex Jones trial with an ex-Infowars staffer.
The Long, Long Wait for a Diabetes Cure
Judge who approved Trump search warrant attacked for synagogue involvement
Why the Right Can’t Quit Its Antisemitic Attacks Against George Soros
Is IRS Hiring 87K New Agents To Audit Middle-Class Americans? The GOP claimed newly hired tax agents will be “coming after” ordinary Americans.
Dems Do Big F*cking Deals, the GOP Does Fake Big Dick Energy (though the obvious retort to Republicans is “That’s not what Stormy Davis said”–but professional Democrats would never do this)
Scientific Research and the Unforeseen World: Why Basic Research is Essential
Right-wing media is targeting Boston children’s hospital for providing care to trans youth
Puerto Rico Has a Big-Pharma Problem
A Rant: ‘Team Normal’ Republicans, Stop Whining That Democrats Won’t Help You. Your Trump problem is just that: Your problem. (stopped clock is right twice a day…)
George Gascón Survives Another Recall. The progressive district attorney kept his office, defying the latest conservative attempt to overturn an election that didn’t go their way.
Workers in the Catskills Can’t Find Housing. Bosses Are Trying to Help.
Democrats Should Make a Much Bigger Deal of the Threat Posed by Trump. Democrats will suffer in the midterms if they don’t make absolutely clear the possible consequences of the former president’s disdain for democracy and the rule of law.
There aren’t that many uses for blockchains
Why Serena Williams Has the Greatest Career in Sports History
Congress needs to figure out the deal between Trump, Jared, and the Saudis

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  1. (though the obvious retort to Republicans is “That’s not what Stormy Davis Daniels said”–but professional Democrats would never do this)


  2. “For America to decarbonize, it must reindustrialize.”
    But in order to do that, it must retrain, and that is forbidden by the accounting manual, which classifies training as an operational expense. No enterprise, startup or legacy, will train without a 100% subsidy.

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