Links 8/22/22

Links for you. Science:

The Odds of Getting COVID From Your Housemate Are ‘About a Coin Flip’
Omicron is considered a milder coronavirus, but scientists aren’t so sure
A Panel of Diverse Klebsiella pneumoniae Clinical Isolates for Research and Development
Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection During an Omicron Wave in Iceland
Most People Infected With COVID-19 Omicron Variant Didn’t Know It
Announcing GenBank Release 251.0


America Should Have Been Able to Handle Monkeypox. Has COVID taught us nothing?
CDC promises to end disruption; its new guidance won’t do it
Inside America’s monkeypox crisis — and the mistakes that made it worse (the political side, even among Democrats, is completely out of its depth when it comes to public health)
Bowser Pal Ben Soto Faces Legal Discipline After Helping Madam’s Organ Owner Save on Taxes
Hey, Trump GOPers, we don’t have to imagine what cops can do to everyday citizens
The New Era of Political Violence Is Here. The danger is not organized civil war but individual Americans with deep resentments and delusions.
Manchin Permitting Deal Teeters Despite Gas Industry Support: ‘We sure as hell don’t owe Joe Manchin anything now,’ says one Democrat.
Homeland Security watchdog Cuffari faces rebukes from lawmakers in missing texts case
Trump is giving the FBI the January 6 treatment: Trump’s implicit threats and attempts to intimidate Merrick Garland into backing down are becoming less subtle
What is political charisma?
My Abortion at 11 Wasn’t a Choice. It Was My Life.
Racists Pick on the Wrong Historian
Monkeypox and COVID-19 highlight need for real-time public health information (the full report is damning)
79 Jiminies
Dan Rapoport: Who is the Putin critic found dead in Washington DC?
Protests Don’t Need Trademarks: Moechella Lives On. Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson confirms the name’s not going anywhere and asks “Why would Coachella want to stop a free protest?”
More Boogaloo Bois Are Heading to Ukraine to Fight
Omaha Mayor’s Absences Are Not Making the Heartland Grow Fonder
The GOP put an abortion dystopia on the ballot for the midterms
Republican senator tells constituents he supports $35 insulin cap, days after voting against it
Democrats blast Minnesota GOP candidate’s ‘vote with bullets’ remarks
Judge Rails Against Wisconsin Election ‘Investigation’ In 90-Page Takedown
Nancy Davis says abortion denied, baby unlikely to survive due to rare skull condition: ‘I’m carrying it to bury it’

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