Links 8/19/22

Links for you. Science:

Some Light on Long Covid
How does monkeypox spread? What scientists know
COVID rebound is surprisingly common — even without Paxlovid
A novel rRNA hybridization-based approach to rapid, accurate Candida identification directly from blood culture
COVID-19 neuro complications, long-term symptoms in kids
A Look at the Science-Related Portions of CHIPS+


Ilhan Omar Survives a Nail-Biter. Why Was the Vote So Close?
The Satanic Verses controversy has a long and recent past. The incident reached global fame after the 1988 publication of Salman Rushdie’s novel. Long before, however, the topic was fiercely debated in medieval Muslim scholarship.
The War Over Public Water in Pennsylvania
Return to Normalcy Makes Pittsfield COVID Rates Rise
Kevin McCarthy Promises a Republican Congress Will Obstruct Justice
How Marxism solves today’s greatest mystery in the WWE
Steven Thrasher on The Viral Underclass
End the religious exemption for school vaccinations, already
The Bloody Money Trail From the Qatar World Cup to the LA Olympics
Qualified Immunity’s Flawed Foundation
Charlottesville’s First Black Woman Police Chief Fired As Officers Refused to Comply
Even without a COVID surge, state’s largest hospitals suffer multimillion-dollar losses
Public Safety Dance
As monkeypox cases mount, Mass. colleges race to get ahead of a new kind of potential outbreak
Poxed and Abandoned
America’s crisis of democracy has already arrived
Waiting Rooms With Bulletproof Windows. Abortion providers are taking drastic steps to ensure safety at clinics after Dobbs.
A hot real estate market, a labor shortage, and a state budget surplus. It’s 1986 all over again.
Anti-Abortion Utah Councilman Knows Placenta Facts. You Think You Know Placenta Facts? Wrong.
The MBTA is an asset we can’t afford to squander (the WMATA-ization of the MBTA is infuriating)
In Wealthy City, a Marxist Mayor Wins Over Voters
Business group warns rise of remote work threatens Mass. economy (lol: housing is described as the biggest burden, but this business group then calls for cutting the social safety net and other programs. Same as it ever was…)
‘Groomer’ rhetoric’s toxic spread on social media revolves around 10 key far-right influencers
The Apple Credit Card Provided through Goldman Sachs Has Created a Living Hell According to Consumer Complaints
Egregiously Wrong: The Supreme Court’s Unprecedented Turn

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