Links 8/18/22

Links for you. Science:

“God, No, Not Another Case.” COVID-Related Stillbirths Didn’t Have to Happen.
Prokaryotic innate immunity through pattern recognition of conserved viral proteins
The Cartwheel Galaxy Is the Webb Telescope’s Latest Cosmic Snapshot
Evidence of human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox virus
Masked, Vaccinated Students Didn’t Catch Covid in Classrooms
Have Scholars Finally Deciphered a Mysterious Ancient Script?


Jack-Booted Thugs
Think 9% Inflation Is Bad? Try 90%. With the world grappling with rising prices, a tour through Argentina reveals that years of inflation can give rise to a truly bizarre economy.
How to use attacks on the informer against Trump & his MAGA mob
Search warrants for abortion data leave tech companies few options
Kari Lake follows Trump’s authoritarian recipe for election hypocrisy to the letter in Arizona
The horror of people willing to die for Donald Trump
‘Stop the Steal’ Is a Metaphor. The scholar Theda Skocpol—renowned for her research on the Tea Party movement a decade ago—explains how American politics has evolved since then.
D.C. is a world-class city without world-class health care
There Is No Darkness Republicans Won’t Follow Trump Into Now. It’s all Mordor now and there’s no coming back.
Liz Cheney’s demise was set in motion by her father
Let’s Just Remember That Donald Trump Was Pitched as the Better Steward of Classified Information
In Wisconsin, democracy itself is on the ballot
A mom’s campaign to ban library books divided a Texas town — and her own family
What Amnesty got wrong in Ukraine and why I had to resign
GOP now trying to incite violence against IRS agents
Teachers get a pitiful $50 tax deduction bump for supplies for 2022
What’s Missing From Voting Data? Race. Despite a mountain of evidence affirming the centrality of race in US politics, it is essentially ignored in almost all electoral analysis.
It’s not just social media: Cable news has bigger effect on polarization
Seeking an abortion? Here’s how to avoid leaving a digital trail.
California Needs to Think Outside the Box on Homelessness
What the Great Mayonnaise Inflation Mystery Can Tell Us About Prices
Hate makes a comeback in Idaho, this time with political support
The surprising political shifts that led to the climate bill’s passage
AIPAC vs. Democracy. AIPAC has endorsed 109 January 6 insurrectionists. The organization clearly doesn’t care if candidates don’t care about fair elections.

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